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What are the 3 regions of the British colonies?
New England, Middle and Southern
What was the act that put a tax on all paper goods in the colonies?
The Stamp Act
Who was the leader of the Sons of Liberty?
Samuel Adams
Which region of the 13 colonies grew wheat as a cash crop?
Which event dumped tea into Boston Harbor and cost England money?
Boston Tea Party
What is a Patriot?
A colonist who wants independence from Great Britain.
Friends in war
A massacre is....
a fight in which people who are unable to protect themselves are killed.
Britain's lawmaking body is called ...
Kentucky's lawmaking body is called ...
General Assembly
USA"s lawmaking body is called ....
Treason is >...
working against your own government
The act that orders colonists to stay out of the lands wests of the Appl. Mtns. is called...
The Proclamation of 1763
Intolerable Acts...
closed Boston Harbor until the tea was paid for...
A democracy is ...
a government run by it's people
A colonist who wanted to remain loyal to the King is called a ...
Money paid to run a government is called....
Which act closed Boston Harbor?
Intolerable Acts
Which act required the colonists to house and feed the British soldiers?
The Quartering Act
self-government, democracy
A democracy is self-government
tax, tariff
both are taxes
Parliament, Congress
lawmaking bodies
Loyalist, Patriot
both are groups fighting in AMerican Revolution-Loyalist supported the king and the Patriot was against the king