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Other Countries and land
some received land for free w/ headright
bought land or had land grants from king
some settled in a frontier(edge of settled area)boundry of settled wildlife
squatters- people who cleared a tract of land, and made own.
Rights of Col. American women
when married husband/ pay passage
kept by law and custom
could not own property
If made $ husband own
not vote
widespread of land and affect
women could not vote
men who owned land were wealthy
you must have land!
Items found in town
Fine english cloth, chinawear, tea from India, wine and molasses.
Effects of New England and Virgina river economy
pop. spread out on farms
few towns buying and selling
land between rivers/untouched
live along rivers to trade so spread out!
Wide, deep, smooth rivers which are good for big ships!
Massachusetts and New England land
legislature gave tracts of land/wanted to found towns
cleared land and divided
the rest(town property)
Jobs of women
Keeping house, having kids, farm chores, making clothing, teach kids, and tend to the sick.
Americans owning land
high wages/cheap land
(lots)land vs. (few) people
Health of Women
constant kids, made mom die early.
Largest town and economis base
Boston, New York, Charlestown, Philadelphia, New Port.
Seaports- sea trade and ship-buidling.
Education in the South
not much education
unless wealthy could hire tutors
Grandchildren begin voting
landowners dominated
considered voting a right(can not be taken away)!
everyman voted
Affects of large land and attidues & family.
needed large families
had to be open-minded
needed to experiment
had plenty of food
wanted lots of kids(8 or 9)
Rural Town/ where and how did col. Americans live
farmed, wore thread, made furniture, knives, spoon, plates/
lived in towns(urban areas)
most farmed-fished
New England and Rivers
shallow, full or rapids, smaller
ships could not sail up
coastal towns were large(sea ports)
had to build roads
American Labors Treatment
earned more $ and treated better
more workers b/c of Unused Land
Boss needs you!
New England and towns
settlers remain close
town common- the vil. built their church, meeting house, and school!
outside,village crops grown
Learned to handle guns
ran large farms
run newspapers, lawyer.