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Plymouth Colony (Massachusetts
-English Separatist, later called Pilgrims
-Seeking religious freedom
-Came across on the Mayflower
-Mayflower compact
-people: John Carver, William Bradford, Miles Standish, William and Mary Brewster, Edward and Susannah Winslow, John and Francis Billington, John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, Squanto, Samoset, Massasoit
-Celebrated the first American Thanksgiving
Jamestown (Virginia)
-First English men
-Treasure seeking
-1619 - first women and slaves arrived
-1619 - first elected assembly met to make laws
-London Company charter
-people: Captain John Smithy, Powhatan, Pocahontas, John Rolfe
-1628 English Puritan families settled at Salem, Massachusetts
-Came seeking religious freedom
-people: John Winthrop, John Endicott
New York
-Colony first known as New Netherlands
-Settled first by Dutch men and Ft. Orange in Albany, NY
-Seeking trade with Indians
-people: Peter Minuit, Peter Stuyvesant
-English Catholic settlers
-Came seeking religious freedom for all, but particularly for Catholics.
people: Lord Baltimore, Alias Sir, George and Cecil Calvert
New Hampshire
1623 - Englishment settled in Pannaway, NH
-Came seeking a business venture
-people: David Thompson, Edward and William Hilton, and Captain John Mason
1630 - settlers from Massachusetts who could not accept the religious intolerance came seeking religious freedom
-people: John Wheelwright and Edward Randolph
- Settlers from Massachusetts Colony settled Hartford, Connecticut
- Came seeking religious and political freedom
-people: Thomas Hooker
Rhode Island
- Settlers from other colonies settled Providence, Rhode Island
- Came seeking religious and political freedom
- people: Roger Williams, Massasoit, and Anne Hutchinson
- Swedish settlers first settled at Ft. Christian in present day Wilmington, Delaware
- Came seeking a settlement
- people: Peter Minuit
New Jersey
-English settlers first settled in Elizabeth, New Jersey
-people: Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkely
- Another settlement of unhappy Puritans from Connecticut settled in Newark, NJ
- people: Philip Carteret and William Penn
-1663 First settlement of Virginians seeking to expand their settlement
-1691 Additional Virginians settled in Charleston, SC
-1681 Quaker families came from England, settled Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Came seeking religious freedom
- people: William Penn
-1683 German families first settled in Germantown, PA; came seeking economic freedom
- Scottish, Irish, and Catholics came for economic freedom
-English debtors from prison came to settle
- Seeking to rid England of debtor prisoners and allow debtors a new life
- people: James Oglethorpe