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amo, amare, amavi, amatus
illumino, illuminare, illuminavi, illuminatus
make shine, illuminate, enlighten
operor, operari, ---, operatus sum
work, perform
cooperor, cooperari, ---, cooperatus sum
work together, cooperate(with)
sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessus
sit (down), be seated
tueor, tueri, ---, tuitus sum
watch, protect, uphold
labor, labi, ---, lapsus sum
slide, (slip and) fall
largior, largiri, ---, largitus sum
grant, bestow
delicia, deliciae, f.
pleasure, delight
factor, factoris, m.
maker, doer
ordo, ordinis, m.
rank, order
cogitatio, cogitationis, f.
commemoratio, commemorationis, f.
remembrance, commemoration
vitis, vitis, vitium, f.
vine, grapevine
sensus, sensus, m.
feeling, sense, understanding, mind
quantus, -a, -um
how much, how great
sextus, -a, -um
talis, tale
such, of such a sort
tantus, -a, -um
so much, so great
hic, haec, hoc
ille, illa, illud
is, ea, id
this, that (=he, she, it)
iste, ista, istud
this, that (of yours)
ita (adv.)
so, thus, in this way
sic (adv.)
so, thus
(just) as...(so) too
tam (adv.)
so, to such a degree
qualis, quale
(of) what kind (of)