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What are the members of the evaluation team?
- Senior Trainer
- Section/Platoon Evaluator
- Assistant Evaluator
- Gunnery Evaluator
Who develops an operations order (OPORD) that supports the missions?
Collective Gunnery Tables (GT) are designed to test the unit's and leader's ability to take knowledge learned from the crew GT's and apply it to tactical combat scenarios at the ___, ___ and ___ team levels, to include combined arms sections and platoons
Section, Platoon, Company
In accordance with FM 3-20.21, what are the prerequisites for Platoon Qualification live fire?
- All crew members must have passed the GST and GT I within the previous three months (six months for RC)
- All vehicle crews must have qualified as a crew on their respective Table VI within the previous six months
- All rifle squad members must have qualified on their individual weapons within the previous six months
- Rifle squads must have qualified on Rifle Table VI within the previous six months
The sections and platoons use all ____ and ____.
Organic equipment, weapon systems
What are the minimum required targets per vehicle for an unstabilized platform during collective gunnery?
6 point targets
The ____ allows the commander to determine if his unit has/has not demonstrated overall proficiency to perform task steps or performance measures to support the stated mission
Collective scoring model
What are the eight (8) engagement techniques used to destroy or suppress enemy targets?
- Point Fire
- Area Fire
- Simultaneous Fire
- Sequential Fire
- Alternating Fire
- Time of Suppression
- Recon by Fire
- Volley Fire
DA Form ____ is the scoresheet used to evaluate Gunnery Tables VII, VIII, IX
HMMWV's equipped with a MK19 must have one area target, day or night, ____ meters or greater
Collective task evaluations and target destruction measure the section's ____.
Combat proficiency
The maneuver element must meet an MPL of ____ percent target destruction during a firing task
In accordance with the minimum proficiency levels of Platoon Gunnery, what are the CBRN requirements?
One CBRN engagement day and night
DA Form ____ is the scoresheet used to evaluate Gunnery Tables X, XI, XII
The ____ approves alibis and oversees the after actions review
Senior Trainer
The ____ coordinates all necessary resources and personnel to support the gunnery exercises
Master Gunner
The ____ select vehicle and troop arrays that represent threat forces in the operational environment (OE) or the required training emphasis, based on the unit's METL
Master Gunner, S-3, S-2
Which member of the evaluation team observes overall squad leader tasks, rifle squad and fire team actions, and fire control and distribution?
Assistant Evaluator
The squad leader distributes and adjusts the fire of the rifle squads into one or more of three basic fire patterns. Name the three
- Frontal Fire
- Cross Fire
- Depth Fire
Commanders may choose to conduct one ____ or one ____ presentation, day and night
- Friendly
- Neutral
What are the three levels of weapons control status
- Weapons hold: engage only if engaged or ordered to engage
- Weapons tight: Engage only those target positively identified as enemy
- Weapons free: Engage any targets not positively identified as friendly
List all of the collective gunnery minimum proficiency levels
- One defensive engagement, day and night
- One offensive engagement, day and night
- One short halt engagement, day and night
- One CBRN engagement, day and night
- One Sabot point target, day and night, 2000m or greater (Abrams)
- One Main gun point target, day and night, 800m or less (Abrams)
- One short range coax target, day and night, 300 meters or less
- One 25-mm point target, day and night, 1600 meters or greater
- One call for fire engagement, day and night
Gunnery Table XII allocates how much ammunition for an unstabilized platform?
- .50 cal = 300 rounds
- MK19 = 64 rounds
- 7.62 = 300 rounds
What is the principal focus of live fire exercises?
Prepare your crews for tactical operations
Squads must meet what prerequisites before a live fire exercise (LFX)?
- Each soldier must be qualified with his individual weapon within the previous six months
- Javelin gunners must have certified with the Javelin within the past three months
During the conduct of collective gunnery, Abrams are required to have ___ main gun engagements, and ___ machine gun engagements per vehicle
5, 11
Referring to to table assessments, a rating of Untrained is defined as?
The commander determines the unit has not demonstrated overall proficiency in his tasks or has failed to perform the stated mission
____ and ____ gunnery will be conducted in two phases, one during the day and one at night.
Section, Platoon
Following the prerequisites of collective gunnery, all rifle squads must have ____ on ____ within the previous ___ months
Qualified, Rifle Table VI, 6
Sections and Platoons should participate collectively in ______ at least once before conducting live-fire training at that level
Device based training
Proficiency, practice, and qualification tables may be conducted on the same range if what conditions are met?
Target presentation will not be in the same order
What are the eight principles of Fire distribution and control?
- Mass effects of fire
- Avoid Overkill
- Destroy greatest threat first
- Develop contingency's for diminished capabilities
- Employ the best weapon for the target
- Minimize friendly exposure
- Fratricide prevention
- Task Organize
- Plan for extreme limited visibility
What engagements will be conducted on the armed HMMWV using a .50 caliber?
- One point target day and night, 900 meters or greater
- One point target day and night, 400 meters or less
All elements within the section are integrated and evaluated on their ability to?
Fight as a cohesive force
____ exercises and ____ are a building block for section and platoon qualification
- Collective proficiency
- Practice tables
The commander may choose, prior to qualification, to organize his ____ and ____ as either ____ or ____ elements
Squad/Section Leaders are trained and evaluated on what skills?
- Control of fire and maneuver of fire teams and vehicles within their section
- Conducting squad/section level collective tasks
Platoon Leaders are trained and evaluated on what skills?
- Control of fire and maneuver of squads and vehicle sections
- Conducting Platoon level collective tasks
What are the digital requirements?
- Overlays sent to all vehicles in the unit from the platoon/section leader
- CDR's may choose to populate overlays with friendly/neutral presentations
- All vehicles must send one digital message
- The platoon/section leader must send one digital message to the platoon leader/commander
What are the call for fire requirements?
- The leader must develop a fire-support plan
- The leader must initiate one call for fire mission, day and night
- impact must be within 150 meters of the target
- Leader must report BDA to higher
What are the fire control measures?
- Target Reference Point
- Sector of fire
- Primary direction of fire
- Trigger Line
- Weapons Control Status
- Engagement Priorities
- Cease Fire Criteria
- Fire Patterns