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united nations
organization created after ww1
tet offensive
vietcong goes on the attack in south vietnam shortly after the us goverment says they were near defeat. this mad many question the honesty of the us goverments claims of winning the war.
gulf of tonkin resolution
1964- congress allows the president to take necessary measures to protect us forces. this allows lbj to fight a war w/out congress declaring war. congress basically surrendered the right to declare war to lbj
period of relaxed tensions during the cold war under pres.nixon who visited the ussr and china
nixon / china
president nixon was the first pres. to visit china after it became communtist in 1949
strategic arms limitation talks- agreement between the us and ussr to reduce the amount of their nuclear weapons
soviet union invaded afganistian troops fought there for 10 years the cost of this war led to the eventual collapse of ussr. the cia aided osama bin laden as he fought soviet troops.
olympic boycotts: moscow 1980/LA 1984
to protest the invasion of afganistan the us boycotts the moscow olympics. 4 yrs later soviets boycott olympics in LA
ronald reagan
us pres. 80-88 supported increased military spending to support containment. eventually played a large role in improving relations with ussr
strategic defense initiative/starwars
reagans plan to build space satellites to destroy soviet missiles from space if they were launched at the US, never completed, costs lots of money$$
mikhail gorbechev
soviet leader who helped ease cold war tensions his reforms eventually ended the cold war
gorbachevs polict which allows soviet citizens to speak openly about the nations polices and after suggests for change.
berlin wall
built in 61 to keep ppl form leaving east germany. when it came down in 1989 it symbolized the start of revolutionary changes in eastern europe.
collapse of the ussr -91
gorbachev allows all 15 republics of the soviet union to declare independence and form there own nations. this ends the cold war
gorbechevs reforms that switched form a goverment controlled economy to a free market economy
boris yeltsin
leader of russia who follwed gorbachev the 1st leader in russia chosen by elections
commonwealthof independence republics
today the 15 nations that once made up the ussr are collectiveley known as this each is now an independent nation.