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level 1
precondentional level
-based on consquences of behavoir i recieve
stage 1
avoiding punishment
-do what is "good" to avoid punishment
stage 5
social order
-moral dilemma
-jdgment based on personal values
stage 4
law and order
-what is right? contract
-moral judmnts based on maintaining social order
-high regard for authority
stage 6
ethical values
-morality based on individul conscience
-dont think about conquences
-not necessarily in agreement w/ others
level 2
-make jdments based on family,
religion, mostly society
stage 3
winning approval
-seeking maintaining approvals
of others using conventional standards of right/ wrong
level 3
post condentional
-back to person from society;
-about what you think; not conquences
-own moral standards
stage 2
satisfying needs
do what is necessary to satisfy your own needs