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** Holmes and Rahe
Scheduale of Recent Events- Marriage= 50 life change units
** moderator variable
when stress will have bad outcomes and when it wont
** mediator variable
hte LINK between stress and outcome (ex: proximity- FAMILIARITY- relationship)
** Primary
do I care? Is it relavant to me?
** Secondary
can I cope with it?
** Problem vs. Emotion-focused
problem- try to solve the problem (controllable)
emotion- try to deal with emotion (uncontrollable)
** stress generation
depression and reassurance seeking
** schlemeil factor
someone who brings on bad results themselves- poor copin strategies (ex: black cloud)
** Pennebaker
Trauma disclosure- getting what happend off your chest
** Proximity
become close to the people who are physically close to you because they are familiar to you
** similarity
we like people who are similar to us
** Latane and Darley
Kitty Genovese- bystander intervention study
** Asch line judging test
sbjects more likely to conform to what everyone elses answers were
** Ph.D vs. Psy.D
Ph.D does more research
** systematic desensitization
pair anxiety with relatxation to confront fear
-constructs image hierarchy
** flooding
you continue to present the fear until the fear response dies out
** token economy
get something (sitckers) for doing something good and you can cash them in at a later date
** Beck's cognitive therapy
keep diary of what you are feeling- challenge your thoughts- explory underlying things
** roger's therapy
empathy, warmth, genuiness, therapist understands you and acts as a friend not a higher being
** Gestalt therapy
focus on current feelings- empty chair talk to it to release emotions
** Meta-analysis
asses large amounts of results/info. without using p values
** Effectiveness vs. Efficacy
effectiveness is sloppy with not a lot of internal validity
** Seligman
more people got better with mental health help
** civil commitment
civally commiting you to a psych hospital against ure will
** competency to stand trial
are you competant to understand trial
** insanity
refers to your state of mind at the time of the crime
** Tarasoff
therapist can be held responsible for not informing potential vicitms
**client relations
must be 2 yrs. after therapy in order to have realtions with therapit/client