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concur (verb)
disparity (noun)
syndrome (noun)
group of symptoms that indicate disease or disorder
compatiable (adjective)
living in harmony
collaborate (verb)
The group had to collaborate in class to get the work done.
To work together
synthesis (noun)
something made from combined parts
congregate (verb)
The group congregated to listen to the teacher's speech.
to meet
cliche (noun)
an overused, trite expression
contemporary (noun)(adjective)
person living during the same time a another
Charisma (noun)
quality of leadership that attracts others
nadir (noun)
the lowest point
collaborate (verb)
to work together
zenith (noun)
the highest point
communal (adjective)
referring to community or joint ownership
discord (noun)
lack of agreement
bravado (noun)
false bravery
gregarious (adjective)
Being that my brother is gregarious, he likes to give speeches about basketball.
disperse (verb)
to scatter
disreputable (adjective)
The disrepuable girl had no friends.
not respectable
compatiable (adjective)
The couples were very compatiable.
living in harmony
intersperse (verb)
to scatter here and there
synopsis (noun)
a short summary
sparse (adjective)
thinly scattered
segregate (verb)
to separate
Coherent (adjective)
cuisine (noun)
a style of food or cooking
communal (adjective)
referring to community or joint ownership