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-transient, reversible global dysfunction in cerebral metabolism
-acute confusional state
-ICU psychosis
etiology of delirium?
-W = withdrawal
-H = hypoxemia, hypoglycemia
-I = intracranial bleeding or infection
-M = meningitis
-P = poisons
-insidious onset of multiple cognitive deficits and personality and behavioral changes
what are the etiologies for primary and secondary dementia?
-primary = no cause
-secondary = is cause like hypothyroidism or vascular disease
amnestic disorder
-cant learn new info or remember old info
transient global amnesia
-sudden loss of memory of recent events and the transitory inability to recall new info
what are some etiologies of transient global amnesia?
-transient vascular insufficiency of temporal lobe
-cardiac arrhythmias
korsakoffs syndrome
-amnesia due to thiamine deficiency
-associated with poor nutritional habits of alcoholics
-associated with wernickes encephalopathy
alzheimers demetia
-primary cortical
-insidious onset
-has stages
-memory deficit
frontotemporal dementia
-primary cortical
-atrophy in frontotemporal regions
-neuronal loss
vascular dementia
-cerebrovascular disease
-memory impairment
dementia due to creutzfeldt jakob disease
-prion caused
-involuntary movement
-burst pattern on EEG
dementia due to parkinsons
-secondary subcortical
-slow movements and thinking
-depression common