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Among the choices for early childhood education are______
child care centers, preschools or nursery schools, and school child care
David Elkin argues that children require ______ which is based on both typical development and the unique characteristics of a given child.
developentally appropriate educational practives
Parents can improve the academic readiness of their children without creating udue _______ by being aware of the stage of cognitive development that each individual child has reached
________ are organized, formal, logical mental processes
Piaget's preoperational thinking
According to Piaget, _____is the ability to represent something that is not physically present
symbolic function
The process of concentrating on one limited aspect of a stimulus and ignoring other aspects is called __________
Piagets preoperational
The knowledge that quantity is unrelated to the arrangement and physical appearance of objects is called ______.
Piaget's Preoperational thinking
_________ is the process in which one state is changed into another.
Piaget's preoperational
_____thought does not take into account the viewpoint of others.
Piaget's preoperational
__________ though reflects preschoolers' use of primitive reasoning and their avid acquisition of knowledge about the world
Piaget's preoperational
Broad representations in memory of events and the order in which they occur are called __________.
Information Processing Approaches to COgnitive Dev.
According to Vygotsky, the _____ is the l evel at which a child can almost, but not fully, comprehend or perform a task on his or her own.
*Zone of proximal development
___________ is the support for learning and problem solving that encourages independence and growth.
Vygotskys View of Cognitive Dev.
____________ is the combining of words and phrases to form sentences
_________ is the process in which new words are associated with their meaning after only a brief encounter
*Fast mapping
The system of rules that determin how our thoughts can be expressed is called ________.
________ is spoken language not intended for others and commonly used by children during the preschool years.
*Private speech
The aspect of language relating to communicating effectively and appropriately with others is called _________.
________ speech is deirected toward another person and meant to be understood by that person.
________ are places that typically provide care for children all day, while their parents are at work.
*Child care centers
________ or nursery schools are designed to provide intellectual and social experiences for youngsters.
*Child care centers
________ child care is provided by some local systems in the United States
_________ is based on both typical development and the unize characteristics of an individual child.
*Developmentally appropriate educational practice.
According to Piaget, during the ________ stage, children's use of symbolic thinking grows, mental reasoning emerges, and the use of concepts increases.