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For diagnosing bleeding disorders, what are the:
-Screen tests?
-Confirmation tests?
Screen: PT/PTT/BT/Plt count

Confirm: plt aggregation, factor assay
What generalized systemic defects can cause prolonged pt/ptts?
-Liver disease
-Renal disease
-Chronic cancer, etc.
How can bleeding symptoms differentiate Platelet vs. Coag factor deficiencies?
Petichiae = PLATELETS, not coag factor.
-Also has spontaneous mucous membrane bleeding.
What's more common; acquired or hereditary coagulopathies?
What causes acquired coagulopathies?
Aspirin, drugs, autoimmune disease, etc.
What bleeding disorders are sex-linked recessive?
-Hemophilia A/B
How can the PT/PTT diff. btwn platelet/vasc disorders and Coagulation disorders?
Platelet/vascular: PT/PTT are NORMAL
Coag: abnormal - prolonged
How does the BT differentiate them?
BT is elevated in Plt/vasc, not in Coag factor deficiency.
What 3 tests are used to diagnose platelet diseases?
-Platelet aggregation
-Genetic studies
For coagulation defects:
-What are the screens?
-What are the diagnostic tests?
Screens: PT/PTT
Confirm: Electrophoresis, factor assays, genetic studies.
What type of abnormality will show HEMARTHROSES?
Coag defects; not platelet.
How does NORMAL PLASMA correct a prolonged PT/PTT?
-Replaces 50% of all factors!