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Name 3 viral families that induce enchephalititis and are transmitted by insects
Toga, Flavi and bunya
How do canine distemper and HIV enter the CNS?
mononuclear luekocytes migrating through capillary walls
How do Togaviruses make their way to the CNS?
Travel free in plasma
Which cells migrate to the parenchyma of the CNS that viruses hitch a rife on?
Inflammatory or lymphoid cells
How do viruses invade the cerebrospinal fluid?
infection of cells of the choroid plexus and ependyma
Whcih viruses are known to migrate along nerve fibers in subviral or genomic forms?
Lyssaviruses and Herpes
Which route do rabies and herpes take to the CNS
Porcine Polioenchephalomyelitis
What is the primary site of replication for Teschen's disaeas?
tonsils of pharynx
intestinal epithelial cells
How is Teschen's transmitted?
Fecal- oral route