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acting with a sense of capability and decidin from among a range of alternative actions. More than one thought to choose from. Central importance in interviewing.
attending behaviors
Basic first step of listening. Three V's plus B. Visual/eye contact, Verbal tracking, Attentive and authentic body language.
One goal of 3V's and B
reduce interviewer talk-time adn provide clients with an opportunity to tell the story as concretely and with as much detail as needed.
Microskills hierarchy
organizes microskills into a systematic framework for the eventual integration of skills into the interview in a natural fashion. Rest on a foundation of ethics, multicultural competence, and wellness. The attending and listening skills are followed by confrontation, focusing influencing skills, and eventual skill integration.
natural style
spontaneous way of working with others to help them achieve their goals.
influencing skills
can help clients restory and find new ways of being in the world
verbal tracking
the client has come to you with a topic of concern. Don't change the subject; stick with the client's story.
4 dimensions of a paraphrase
sentence stem, key words used by client, essence of what client has said, and check out for accuracy.