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What is the first step you should take when tending to a resident?
Knock on the door
Define Autonomy.
Making decisions for oneself.
What is pulmonary edema?
fluid on the lungs
In the ABC's of CPR, what does the C stand for?
Twice a day
A resident presents with chest pain, but assures you tha, "This happens all the time; it usually goes away". What should you do?
IMMEDIATELY notify either an LPN, RN, or the Charge Nurse on staff.
Glasgow Coma Scale - a tool used to diagnose the severity of head injuries.
What is another word for heavy bleeding?
In the healthcare chain of authority, who comes first?
The patient/resident
When a resident presents with a myocardial infarction(heart attack), you should leave the room to get the charge nurse immediately(True/False).
False. NEVER EVER leave a person in a life threatening condition by themselves. You should yell out that you need help so a nurse or CNA around you will hear it and assist.
What is a Bucci medication?
A medication that is disolved between the cheek and gums.
The room temperature is set to 75 F, but the resident is still cold. You however are burning up. What action should you take?
You should do anything you can to make sure the resident is comfortable, even if this means sacrificing your own comfort. It would also be a good idea to notify one of the LPN's or RN's on staff of this just to be safe.
Define cardiac arrest.
When heartbeat ceases and circulation stops.
What is the name for a subtle sensation that precedes a seizure?
A resident is choking, the first step you take is to ask the resident, "Are you Ok?". Why do we do this.
To diagnose exactly how blocked the airway is. If the airway is completely blocked; the patient will have no way of speaking.
What does H.I.P.A.A stand for?
Health Information Portability and Accountability Act
True or False. Chemical restraint should be the first step taken to restrain a physically abusive resident.
False, you should ALWAYS try to find some other way to handle the situation rather than psyhotropics and other medications.
You know for a fact that a resident can feed himself, but he insists that you do it. What do you do.
Feed him, but don't do all of the work for him. You must work to make the resident as independant as possible.