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A patient with bronchial asthma might be prescribed
A. Vanceril
B. Mellaril
C. Flexeril
D. Plaquenil
A. Vanceril
A synthetic steroid of the glucocorticoid family.
The azygos vein terminates at what vascular structure?
A. pulmonary vein
B. pulmonary artery
C. aorta
D. superior vena cava
D. superior vena cava
Arising from the right ascending lumbar vein or the inferior vena cava.
The Joint Commission (JCAHO) grants accreditation for a maximum of
A. 5 years
B. 3 years
C. 1 year
D. 18 months
B. 3 years
The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations evaluates and accredits healthcare organizations by a review cycle done periodically.
Which is performed to monitor the progression of disease as well as the efficacy of treatment in AIDS patients?
B. CD4
B. CD4
A test for opportunistic infection.
Bruxism is defined as
A. chronic teeth grinding
B. hiccupping
C. belching
D. grunting
teeth grinding
A precursor to TMJ.
A patient diagnosed with MAC is likely to have what underlying disorder?
A. lupus erythematosus
B. hepatitis B
C. tuberculosis
Among the most common bacterial infections of people with this condition.
A patient who is para 3-1-0-4 has been pregnant at least
A. once
B. four times
C. three times
D. twice
D. twice
All pregnancies equals 4. It is possible that the patient had a single premature delivery and another delivery of triplets.
Which is used to enhance the T1 and T2 signals of an MRI?
A. spin echo
B. attenuation
C. signal intensity
D. calibration
administration of contrast
A. spin echo
An image with enhanced details.
pCO2 is reported in which of the following units
A. mmHg
B. mm
C. cm
D. mL
A. mmHg
An expression of partial pressure.
A LeVeen shunt is used during or for which of the following?
A. hydrocephalus
B. chronic ascites
C. hemodialysis
D. carotid endarterectomy
B. chronic ascites
A peritoneal-venous shunt.
CD rods are used to treat
A. comminuted femoral fracture
B. kyphosis
C. scoliosis
D. chondromalacia patellae
C. scoliosis
Uses multiple hooks on one rod that can be turned in either direction.
A scintigram is a record of the:
A. spinal cord after injection of air or radiopaque substance into the subarachnoid space
B. distribution of a radioactive tracer in a tissue or an organ
C. blood vessels to diagnose cardiovascular disease
D. kidneys, ureters and bladder after injection of radiopaque dye
B. distribution of a radioactive tracer in a tissue or an organ
The other tests are myelogram, angiogram, and pyelogram.
The drug Clomid is prescribed for
A. migraines
B. weight loss
C. glaucoma
D. infertility
D. infertility
clomiphine citrate tricks the body into producing more FSH and LH.
A sialolith is what kind of stone?
A. pancreatic
B. salivary
C. kidney
D. gall
B. salivary
Calceus concretions or calculii also affecting the parotid and sublingual glands.
Which of the following is a rare, progressive genetic disorder seen primarily in males in early childhood?
A. keratoacanthoma
B. porokeratosis
C. erythrasma
D. punctuate keratoderma
B. porokeratosis
An autosomal dominant disorder characterized by formation of slighty atrophic patches surrounded by an elevated keratotic border.
Aprosopia refers to congenital absence of the
A. eyelashes
B. face
C. sexual organs
D. fingernails
B. face
Absence of this usually occurs with other physical malformations.
In the condition tardive dyskinesia, the word tardive means
A. occurring suddenly or without warning
B. uncontrolled
C. chronic
D. developing slowly or late-occurring
D. developing slowly or late-occurring
Occurs over a long period of time.
The scalene muscles are located in the
A. back
B. neck
C. abdomen
D. forehead
B. neck
They bend and rotate.
COX-2 inhibitors are used to treat
A. rheumatoid arthritis
B. Helicobactor pylori
C. hypertension
D. heart failure
A. rheumatoid arthritis
Used to inhibit an enzyme to the inflammation pathway.
The medical term for undescended testicles is
A. varicocele
B. hypospadias
C. hyperspadias
D. cryptorchidism
D. cryptorchidism