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conjunction; 3 types
a word or phrase that connects words, phrases, or clauses
coordinating conjunction
connects words, phrases, or clauses of equal rank; "and, but, or, not, nor, for"
correlative conjunction
conjunction consisting of two elements used in pairs
"both, and, not only, but (also), either or, neither nor"
subordinating conjunctions
used to join subordinate, or dependent, clauses to independent clauses; however, it does not need to link the dependent clause to the independent clause, and it can often occur at the beginning of a sentence to introduce the subordinate clause.
We stayed indoors "until" the storm abated.
"When" I take a test, I get very nervous.
a word that shows emotion, usually without grammatical connection to other parts of a sentence
"My goodness!"
Ah! Ouch! Wow!