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group climate
emotional atmosphere, enveloping the tone that is created by the way we communicate in groups
mutually EXCLUSIVE goal attainment,individual success at the expense of the group or others
mutually INCLUSIVE goal attainment process, members work together not against to reach a goal
individual achievement
attainment of a personal goal w/o having to defeat another person
excessive emphasis on defeating others to achieve one's goals
constructive competition
when competition produces a positive enjoyable experience and generates increased efforts to achieve w/o jepordizing relationships
Conditions for Constructive Competition
when winning is relatively unimportant, opponents are equally matched, clear/specific rules for fairness
why does cooperation promote and competition dampen?
trying to achieve excellence and trying to beat others are different, resources are used more efficiently
norm of group interest
we want to help our group but even if we disagree with defeating another group and preventing their success
a reaction to a perceived attack on our self-concept and self-esteem, invites hypercompetitiveness
3 steps to become descriptive
use first person singular lanuage, make your descriptions specific, eliminate editorial comments from statements