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What is a "Bit"
single binary value
What is a "Byte"
group of 8 bits
What is a Kilbyte (K)
group of 1024 (2^10) bytes
What is a "Megabyte"
1000K, or 10^6bytes or 2^20 bytes
What does URL stand for and what is it
(Uniform Resource Locator) denotes the location of a web-page
File type: .txt
Text File
File type: .html
hypertext document
File type: .shtml
html doc w/ server-side processing
File type: .gif
GIF image
File type: .jpg
JPEG image
File type: .pdf
PDF document
File type: .swf
Shockwave Flash applet
File type: .ps
Post Script file
File type: .au
AU format sound file
File type: .wav
WAVE format sound file
File type: .ram
RealAudio audio/video format (typically streaming)
File type: .mp3
MP3 compressed sound file
File type: .mpg
MPEG movie
File type: .avi
AVI movie
File type: .zip
ZIP compressed file
File type: .flv
Flash Video File (youtube)
File type: .m4p
iTunes (DRM-protected) music file
IP Addresses (IPv4)
Name of computer on internet, About 4 billion addresses available.
Trillions on trillions of addresses so won't run out.
What does DHCP stand for and do
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocal. you get your ip address assigned to you dinamically instead of always having the same on so you don't get two computers w/ the same ip on the same network
What does VPN stand for and do
Virtual Private Network, when you exhange info within this program it is encrypted
What is "Talk" and what is it used for?
if you have the ip address of another that is waiting for you to contact them you can instant message them persay.
What does SSH stand for and what's it's purpose
Secure Shell and it is a way to connect securely to another computer in order to exchange information.
The machine that is reaching out to the other to get information
The machine that is storing the information
How do you telnet into a machine and what port does it use
telnet machinename and it looks on port 23
ls -F
list contents of directory and which are file, directories, programs
ls -l
list contents w/ mod date and size
change directory
creates a new sub-directory
moves a file
copies a file
removes a file
determines size of file
In Mail: ~v
will launch an editor with current content
In Mail: ~p
will display the message content so far on screen
In Mail: ~r filename
real the txt from the file and past in in the body of the message
In Mail: ~f #
will foward whatever message you have in that mailbox
What does FTP stand for and what is it's purpose
File Transfer Protocal, used to transfer files between two computers
What is ASCII mode?
it's a way to transfer text from one machine by transfering charector by charector so that the message doesn't get scrambled
What is binary mode?
It's a way to transfer files on ftp so that it transfers bit by bit. used for pictures and programs mostly
what would be the command to scp a file from another computer?
scp user@remote.machine:directory/filename localfilename
Search within pages connected to this one
Search for a definition
Search withing a domain
What does Wiki stand for and where did it come from?
wiki-wiki, pages that can be edited directly from the web browser, easy and fast from the hawaiin term
Blank Rule
Horizontal Rule
Preformatted Text
Ordered List
Unordered List
Definition list
Copywrite symbol
Basic Table
<table border=**>
<td> Table Data </td>
<td> more of it </td>