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Communication Apprehension
a person's level of fear with expected or anticipated communication
Traitlike CA
an enduring, personality-type orientation toward a given mode of communication across a wide variety of contexts.
Context-Based CA
being fearful or anxious about communicating in one specific type of context.
Audience-Based CA
concerned with communicating with a given group or individual across time.
Situational CA
experienced with only a single individual or situation.
What is a Cause for Traitlike CA?
What are the causes for Situational CA?
novelty, formality, subordinate status, conspicuousness, unfamiliarity, dissimilarity, and degree of attention from others.
What are the internal effects of CA?
discomfort/ emotional arousal- can be positive or negative
What are the external effects of CA?
avoidance, withdrawal, disruption, over-communication
What are the 3 theories of why people experience fear about communicating?
•Excessive activation
•Inappropriate cognitive processing
•Inadequate communication skills
Excessive Activation
occurs when the normal increase in activation in anticipation of a performance continues beyond the point where an individual is able to control it.
Inappropriate cognitive processing
depends on the way activation is interpreted
Inadequate communication skills
person feels that they do not know how to communicate effectively.
What are the 4 treatment approaches to handling CA?
Systematic Desensitization, Cognitive Restructuring, Skills Training, Visualization
Systematic Desensitization
Behavior Therapy
Cogntive Restructuring
Reframing / Rethinking/ Mind Shaping
Skills Training
Practicing through Workshops, Classes, Coaches
Mentally Succeeding