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Describe What 3 things are typically found in the Standard CMOS setup option.
The Standard CMOS Setup option allows you to set:

A) The date and time of the system

B) Disk drive parameters

C) Which types of errors will cause the system to freeze during the power-on self test (POST).
What 2 things can be found in the BIOS setup feature of CMOS setup?
1) enable/disable cache and ShadowRAM features

2) boot-up options
What does the Chipset Features option in the CMOS setup utility allow you to do?
configure memory - particularly DRAM and SRAM - to optimize the chipset.
What does the Power Management Setup in the CMOS setup utility allow you to do?
Choose from among 3 power saving modes: Doze, Standby or Suspend.
What does the PnP/PCI Configuration option in the CMOS setup utility allow you to do?
The PnP/PCI Configuration option allows you to configure Plug and Play (PnP) settings, which determine the type of hardware device installed in the system and allocate system resources to this device.
What does the Integrated Controllers option in the CMOS configuration utility allow you do do?
The Integrated Peripherals option allows you to configure and enable peripheral features such as the floppy disk controller (FDC) and Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) controllers.
When do you use Large Mode as the translation mode for Hard drive setting in the CMOS utility?
When you have a drive that does not support LBA and that has more then 1024 cylinders or 528 MB.
What does the LBA translation mode accomplish in the CMOS hard drive setup utility.
On drives that support it, this mode considers physical block addresses instead of head addresses.
What is the maximum number of cylinders that a normal Translation mode work with for a hard drive?
1024 cylinders.
How much memory is split between upper memory and base memory in the 1 MB available for DOS
Upper - 384 kb
base - 640 kb
When might you disable the Virus warning function in CMOS?
When you are performing an upgrade to the operating system.
What does ESCD stand for and what is it?
ESCD - Extended System Configuration Data. It resides in CMOS RAM and is used to record data about each PNP hardware device. Both BIOS and the OS can then access it.
Which Windows Operating systems are fully PnP compliant?
win98, win2000, winXP.

winNT is NOT PnP compliant.