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What is the System BIOS?
System BIOS is the set of instructions that is written on a ROM Chip on the motherboard
What is the CMOS?
CMOS is the user configurable settings that the BIOS uses to recognize hardware
What does the CMOS maintain even when the System is turned off?
System Time and Date
What can yo do to improve read performance?
Enable Bios Shadowing
What is Shadowing a BIOS?
Shadowing a BIOS copies the BIOS instruction set to RAM, where it can be read quickly
What should you do before Flashing the BIOS?
Know the Manufactuer and Model of the Motherboard, Write down all the bios settings since they are usually cleared.
How do you flash your BIOS?
You boot from a disk and use a program to load new BIOS software from a image file
What do you do if your BIOS does not support flashing?
You must replace the CMOS Chip
What happens if the Power Goes out while updating the BIOS?
Your motherboard may never work again
What can cause the CMOS settings to be lost?
A failed motherboard battery
What 2 places can you find the bios version?
Main menu of BIOS setup
Beginning of System boot process
Can you set a password on the BIOS to protect settings?
Name 3 ways to reset the BIOS password if lost.
Use a jumper
Remove the battery
Hold CRTL at boot