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This measures the clock speed of a chip or motherboard?
Who introduced the first pipeline?
Older processors didnt use these which made you wait for the entire process to comnplete before the second instruction.
The chip uses this as a workspace to process the data it is working with?
The Register
This handles arithmetic operations through integers, including the Boolean algebra. AND NOT OR
(ALU) Arithmetic Logic Unit
This handles numbers & irrational numbers
(FPU) Floating Point Unit
This takes huge chunks of data and processes them quickly.
Vector Pocessing Unit
The CPU receives 2 commands.
INstructions & Program Codes
What is the program code?
Software functionality
What are instructions?
Basic to complex commands including Addition, Subtraction, & multiplicatioin
What does CISC stand for?
Complex Instructions Set Computer
What does RISC stand for?
Reduced Instructions Set computer
What was the first commercial processor by IBM
Most computers today have what 2 technologies?
The Pentium 4 was made by who?
Another name for the Front End?
Data Manager
What does the Back End do?
Crunches numbers by Rapid Execution Engine
This allows fo r a single processor to act as 2 processors in a single physical unit
Hyper Threading
The 4 elements of a processor.
Architecture, Cache, Clock Speed, and Front Side Bus
Floating Point UNits are good for what?
graphics, and audio
This offers a visual way of interacting with appliations on a computer.
The first digital computer later replaced by the ENIAC for war stats
Harvard Mark I
This process was used to analyse human behavior?
Game Theory
Digital computer used for war
Calculator descendant of the ENIAC
First stored computer programmed computer used at cambridge`
Build by babbage and the computer was never build do to parts
Analytical Engine
Build by babbage used for mathmatical tables.
Difference Engine
The purely textural means of interacting with a computer
A UNIT OF MEASUREMENT expressed in a millionth of a meter
The outer ring of electrons of an atom. these can be loose or tight bon depending on the conductive properties of the materiAL
Valence Electrons
a table used to show how a long circuit output respods to various combinations of inputs using logic 1 for true 0 for false and the listed ipouts are on the left and the outputs are on the right
truth table