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The threat of touching someone is called
Which of the following terms refers to a condition of insufficent blood-clotting cells?
Which of the following does not represent carbohydrates?
According to Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, most individuals who experience the impending death of a loved one will initially experience which of the following emotions as part of the grieving process?
Which of the following refers to the portion of the brain resposible for balance and movement?
The artery that carries oxygenated blood to the body pumped from the left ventricle is called the what?
Therapeutic communication differs from normal, everyday communication in that it
involves special skills
Which of the following is the term for "fast heartbeat"?
A nedical assiatant would use word processing software to create which of the following?
Before seeing a physican, patients should not have to wait longer than
15 to 20 minutes
An outguide is a (an)
place marker
Before choosing to which facility to refer a patient, always verify the patient's
When opening and processing mail, the medical assistant should consider what as a fifth priority?
Magazines and newspapers
All filing equipment must be located
in a secure area
A disadvantage of the wave scheduling system is that
patients become annoyed because they have appointments at the same time
A record of all employees and their earnings, deductions, and other information is called
employee financial listing
The policy section of the policy and procedures manual includes the
office hours
Which of the following reflects the ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine?
Specific Gravity
Which of the following actions should the medical assistant NOT take when preparing the patient for an exam?
Reassure the patient that everything will be okay
Tympanic thermometers are used to measure temperature in/on the
The physician asks the medical assistant to give Ativan 2 mg to the patient. A vial reads 1 mg per 1 mL. Which of the following doses would the medical assistant administer?
2 mL
Symptoms of shock include
hypotension and a weak thready pulse
A wound that does not heal as expected due to infection is said to heal by
second intention
Which of the following represents the morphology of cocci bacteria?
The three most important factors in performing a hand wash are
friction, soap, and warm running water
When an elderly patient in a crowded waiting room falls unconscious, a medical's assistant's first action should be to
check the patient's airway
If the physician is performing a routine bimanual pelvic exam, which of the following will the medical assistant have assistant have available?
Exam gloves and water-soluble lubricant
Which of the following is the plural for "bursa"?
What is the combining form meaning "disease"?
Which is the best description of a nullipara?
A woman who never gave birth to a live child
Which of the following diseases involves incomplete expansion of the lung?
Which hormone is not secreted by the anterior pituitary?
Which of the following is NOT a function of the liver?
Formation of insulin
A) Formation of bile
B) Formation of insulin
C) Formation of urea
D) Storage of sugar as glycogen
E) break down carbohydrates
A major function of the large intestine is to
reabsorb water
Where is the blood filtered in the kidney?
Bowman's capsule
Urine that contains blood is called?
Sperm are produced in the
seminiferous tubules
The structure resposible for the production of progesterone to maintain the pregnancy until the placenta forms is the
corpus luteum
The body system primarily responsible for protection from foreign invaders is the
Which of the following would NOT be found on the ventral side of the body?
knuckles of hand
A) nose
B) knuckles of hand
C) navel
D) patella
E) palm of hand
The document that represents the wishes of an individual regarding end-of-lif treatment is called a/an
living will
A state statute that outlines the requirements to practice medicine, licensure requirements, and guideline for revocation or suspension of licensure is
Medical Practice Act
The statue that protects healthcare givers when providing emergency care within their scope of ability is the
Good Samaritain Act
Which of the following is NOT a licensed healthcare worker?
Medical Assistant
B) Social Worker
C) Nurse
D) Medical Assistant
E) Physician
CLIA is the abbreviation for
Clinical Lab Improvement Act
Which type of appointment scheduling is most likely to be used for short patient visits in an office with multiple practitioners?
Who completes the neccesary paperwork for the insurance company on a referral?
Medical Assistant
A numeric filing system
may include portions of the patient's social security number
The policy and procedures manual is written jointly by
the physician and the staff
Which of the following is an output device?
A) scanner
B) monitor
C) peripheral
D) software
E) keyboard
A drug may have several names but only one what?
generic name
Controlled substances
All of the above
A) can be abused or cause dependency
B) have limits on who can buy or sell them
C) must have the physican's DEA number on the perscription
D) All of the above
The four main drug actions are slowing cell functions, destroying cells, replacing substances and
speeding up cell processes
The effects of Tetracycline are ecreased when it is taken with
milk and milk products
Before a healthcare worker gives a patient iodine as a contrast material for a procedure, ask the patient if an allergy to which of the following occurs?
When one drug modifies the action of another drug, it is called a
drug interaction
Medicine ordered from the pharmacy and received is marked 0.5 g. This is the same as
500 milligrams
The doctor ordered one teaspoon of Pepto-Bismol for your patient. You do not have a teaspoon on hand to measure it, but you do have a medicine glass marked in milliliters. So you give the patient
5 ml.
One quart is equivelent to
32 oz.
The doctor orders 250 mg of Erythromycin. The pharmacy sends up a bottle of 50 mg tablets. How many tablets will you give?
An ointment can be instilled in the eyes only if
it is labeled "Sterile-Ophthalmic Use"
Enteric-coated capsules or tablets dissolve in the
A medication order must always be
signed by the physician
Medication abbreviations for how often a drug is given include
p.r.n., q.h., q.o.d., q.i.d
Unit dose packages
are safer because thee is no drug handling involved
Controlled substances are counted and signed for when?
At the beginning of each shift
A deficiency of Vitamin D causes
The vitamin necessary for vision is
Vitamin A
A deficiency of vitamin B1 causes
tingling and numbness in extremities
An adequate intake of Vitamin A prevents
night blindness
The function of Vitamin D is
the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth
An agent that inhibits the growth or multiplication of bacteria is
Tiny one-celled plants and animals are
A patient has been on penicillin for 9 days. You notice that his tongue is taking on a black, furry appearance, which signals a mouth infection. This is an example of
Gram-staining and culture and sensitivity tests are ways to
identify the germ causing a particular infection and find a drug that kills a particular pathogen
Contact precautions are used in
herpes simplex
The microbials that carry the greatest risk for superinfection are the
An alteration in the patient's perception of or sensitivity to sound is
conductive hearing loss
As a result of the aging process, the sclera becomes
A bacterial infection of the eyelid that causes crusting, redness, and irritation is
Photophobia is
an extreme sensitivity to light
The signs of skin inflammation are swelling, warmth to the touch, pain, and
Normal body temperture is approximately
98.6 F
Greasy scales are a sign of
seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff
hydrocortisone, betametasone, Aristocort, and Cordran are examples of what?
topical anti-inflammatory drugs (corticosteroids)
The word 'articular' means
pertaining to a joint
'Trichoid' means resembling
Sagittal plane divides the body into
left and right halves
The prefix -ambi means
What is contained in the nucleus of a cell and regulated the cell's activities?
The prefix ab- means
away from
The suffix -ase means
Colpectomy is the excision of the
Mitosis is what?
type of cell division
Tetracyclines are
bacteriostatic antibiotics
An abnormal decrease in depth and rate of respiration is known as
An area of necrotic tissue that has been invaded by bacteria is known as
Priviledged communication is
information held confidential within a protected relationship such as between patient and physician or between lawyer and client
What cell releases histamine?
The prefix retro- means
The most common site for cancer incidence in males is
Protection against disease is called
Which of the following types of bacteria is arranged in clusters?
What includes assault, defamation, and invasion of privacy?
Intentional torts
Combining form ren/o refers to
Carbohydrate is sored in the liver as
A type of cholesterol that may put patients at risk of heart disease is called
Low-density lipoprotein
What is derived from animal sources and are usually solid at room temperture?
saturated fats
Sexually Transmitted Disease abbreviation is
Cystalgia is pain in the
Which abbreviation refers to the left ear?
A condition characterized by extra fingers or toes is called
The shoulder blade is known as the
A type of trial in which the verdict is decided by the judge is called
What is controlled by T cells when it is highly changed after exposure to a pathogen is?
Specific immune response
Angioplasty is defined as
Surgical repair of a blood vessel
Vitamin B9 deficiency may result in which of the following
Spina Bifidia
What is the combining form that means eye?
ocul/o, ophthalm/o
What does an antihypertensive drug do?
prevents and controls high blood pressure
Res ipsa loquitur means?
"The master speaks for itself"
What nutrient helps prevent edema?
Beriberi may be caused by a lack or deficiency of
Biotin is also called
Vitamin H
Which vitamin deficiency can cause scurvy
Vitamin C
What carries impulses from the spinal cord and the brain to muscles and glands?
motor neurons
What is the abbreviation for "after meals"
Professional negligence is also called
The drug of choice for Lyme Disease is
What part of brain is responsible for language communication?
Wernicke's area
Cancer of the bone marrow is called?
Any infection or inflammation of the membranes covering the brain or spinal cord is called
Zolpidem is used
For the treatment of insomnia and for sedation of elderly individuals
The prefix hypo- means
What is one possible cause of Buerger's disease?
A long period of smoking tobacco
The study of drugs and their actions in the body is called
A drug that has no pharmacologic activity because it contains no active ingredients is known as
Lomotil is an example of a Schedule what drug?
When is it legal to release medical information about a patient?
When a release of the information is ordered by a subpoena
What kind of situation does consent to allow touching, examinations, or treatment by medcally authorized personnel is waived?
emergency situation
The suffix -penia means
abnormal reduction
Something of value that is bargained for in a contract is called
Which factors might affect a drug's effect on the patient?
tolerance, age, percentage of body fat
What is the role of thr umbilical vein in fetal circulation?
Transports oxygen from the placenta to the fetus
The site of maturation for T lympathocytesis the
A one-sided relationship in which one member benefits and the other is unaffected is called
Costectomy means excision of a
Costectomy means excision of a
How can you communicate to a patient that his or her main idea was understood
By restating what the patient has said
How can you communicate to a patient that his or her main idea was understood
By restating what the patient has said
"Bacteriostatic" mans
Inhibiting bacterial growth
"Bacteriostatic" mans
Inhibiting bacterial growth
The unauthorized disclosure of client information is called?
Invasion of Privacy
The unauthorized disclosure of client information is called?
Invasion of Privacy
Hydrophobia is also called
Hydrophobia is also called
Lithiasis refers to
the formation or presence of stones
Susan, the new medical assistant, reported to work on her first day and made a mistake in copying some files that her supervisor, John, asked for. When John learned of Susan's mistake, he angrily blurted out that women are always more trouble than they are worth. John was exhibiting
Gender bias
What is part of the patient's bill of rights?
Patient has the right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law, right to know if treatment is experimental, and a right to expect reasonable continuity of care
The abbreviation Tx means
A time when signs and symptoms stop is known as
Vitamin D deficiency may cause
Formation and excretion of sweat is called
Quinidine is
an antiarrhythmic drug and is used in the treatment of supraventricular tachycardia
Blaming one's problems on others is a form of
What type of drug is Clemastine?
Mary is a patient at your medical office. The physician has asked you to explain an upcoming procedure to Mary, but Mary cannot see very well. What should you use?
Use large print materials and sit close to the patient, speaking clearly. Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the room, and talk directly and honestly
The treatment of terminally ill patients generally requires
Pallative Care
Motor neurons are also called
Efferent neurons
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requires
The records to be kept when drugs are dispensed and drugs be disposed of in the presence of a witness
When dealing with a child, you should
Work directly with child, without always communicating thought to the parents, explain procedure in simple terms, and allow the child to examine instruments
The complete destruction of all microorganisms is called
The combining form for the brain is
Drugs used to treat narcolepsy and hyperkinesis include
Psychomotor stimulants
As a good team worker, a medical assistant should
Not gossip, be ready to compromise, and not adopt or perpetuate negative attitudes
A 9 year old girl is picked up at the medical office by her father. Her parents are divorced, and her mother has legal custody. The father would like to see the girls medical records. Can he see the medical records?
No, not without the mother's written consent
The part of the perscription that contains the names and quantities of the ingredients is the
What is the term for a drug that is mixed with water to form a milky liquid?
What defines "priviledge"?
Authority granted to a physician by a hospital governing board to provide patient care in the hospital
The alphabetical arrangement of manufactures is featured in whoch section of the Physicans Desk Reference (PDR)?
Cocaine is what schedule drug?
Schedule II drug
What should you do if the physcican get a call from another physician?
Transfer the call to the physican if you can
The loss of the sense of smell is known as
Legionnaires disease is a type of
Degeneration of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves may be caused by
Vitamin A deficiency
A telephone inquiry about a bill should be handled by whom?
By the medical assistant that answers the phone
As a medical assistant, what should your goals be in patient education?
to promote patient health by teaching healthful habits and practices such as proper diet and excercise, to help patients prevent injury, and to help patients visualize and upcoming procedure
Which structures of the eye contains the photoreceptors (rods and cones)?
Which type of drug may be refilled five times in 6 months when authorized by the physician?
Schedule IV drugs
Carriers of pathogenic organisms are called
Which hormone prepares the uterus for pregnancy?
The plural of nucleus is
What is the term for a group of people who are authorized by law to act as a single person
Confidentiality may be waived
when a waiver has been signed by the patient or legal guardian
John Hopskins Medical Center calls to report that a patient whom your office referred there has undergone the needed surgery and doing well. How should you handle this call?
Take the call yourself
Immobility and consolidation of a joint due to disease, injury, or surgical procedure is called
According to Kubler-Ross, dying patients go through all of the following stages
Isolation, depression, guilt and bargaining, and anger
Who owns the medical records?
The physician
Chronic dilation and distention of the bronchial walls is called
Which disease can result from antidiuretic hormone deficiency?
Diabetes Insipidus
Rapid movement of the eyeball is known as
Which suffix means "surgical repair"
A patients failure to follow the physican's instructions may result in
a premature termination of contract
What abbreviation means "every two hours"
What body function does the hypothalamus control?
body temperture, water balance, and sleep
Which endocrine gland secretes cortisol?
adrenal cortex
Which law controls the distribution and use af all drugs with abuse potential?
Controlled Substances Act of 1970
What can be seen only with an electron microscope?
The combining form cutane/o means?
Which blood type is considered the universal donor?
type O
Which of the following suffixes means pain?
Which blood type is considered to be the universal recipient?
type AB
Which of the following tumors consists of multiple cysts ("a bunch of grapes")?
Hydatidiform mole
Bleeding between menstrual periods is called?
The plural of atrium is
Dermatitis is
inflammation of the skin
What drug types control nausea, vommitting, and motion sickness?
In a malpractice suit that involves accidently injuring a patient during a surgical procedure, such as removing a healthy part
The physican has the burden of proving innocence
What microbes live only in the absence of oxygen?
Obligate anaerobe
Drugs with a low abuse potential that have an accepted medical use are classified as
Schedule IV drugs
Which of the following drugs prevent or inhibit sleep?
Which part of the ear detects motion and governs balance?
Semicircular canal
"Intercostal" means
pertaining to an area between the ribs
Koplik's spots in the mouth area are a sign of
Valproic acid may be used to treat
petit mal epilepsy
Thrombolysis is
the destruction of a clot
Which of the following is usually the only symptom of cancer of the larynx?
When is a living will legal?
If a patient is competent to create such a will and two witnesses sign it and attest to its accuracy
When should you minimize backround noise when communicating with a patient?
when dealing with a patient who has a hearing impairment
Retinol is another name for
Vitamin A
Which act provides immunity from liability for any civil damages to volunteers at the scene of an accident
Good Samartain Act
Which of the following receives oxygenated blood from the pulmonary veins?
left atrium
Absorbtion of Vitamin B12 requires
Intrinsic factor
Questions that require elaboration on the part of the patient are referred to as
open-ended questions
Which disease can be caused by excessive growth hormone in an adult?
When the eyeball is abnormally short, the condition is
Which condition of the eye may elevate pressure within the eye and cause blindness?
Which cancer is most easily diagnoised in the early stages?
cervical cancer
Which muscle extends the thigh?
gluteus maximus
The deltoid muscle may
abduct the arm
Iodine deficiency may cause
Where does protein synthesis occur?
On ribosomes
A term meaning "within a vein" is
Would major surgery require the patients written consent?
The statue of limitations limits
The amount of time or deadline for filing a law suit or legal action
Which transplant is also called an allograft?
The second cervical vertebrae is called
Combining form pulmon/o means
What is controlled by the autonomic nervous system?
Action of glands and action of the heart
Substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria is called
What function does the midbrain control on the human body?
Auditory and visual reflexes
What is meant by "ectopic"?
"Dorsal" means
Giardiasis is
Infection of the small intestine, also called traveler's diarrhea
What is a myelocele?
Herniation of the spinal cord
Prednisone is used in the treatment of what condition?
Inflammatory conditions
Leaving a patient's medical chart as well as the patient sign-in sheet plain view at the office might make you liable for what?
Invasion of privacy and breaking patient-physician confidentiality
The suffix that means "flow" or "discharge" is