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a computer that used the service of another program
a set of rules that enables computers to "talk" with each other
Hyper Transfer Protocol
a network of computers that makes the exchange of info possible
directs the flow of info
Internet Service Provider
connections to specific locations on the Web
route the operating system uses to locate a document
a computer that handles requests for data, email, file transfers, and other network services from other computer
locate documents on the internet
Uniform Resource Locator
an interface to the World Wide Web that interprets hypertext links and lets you view sited and navigate from one internet node to another
Web browser
system of interlinked documents that work together
World Wide Web
present options or variables
indicated that you can now key text
in word, the display of a document in a simple layout
normal view
the display of a document where the display shows the document as it will look when it is printed
print layout view
enables you to move through the document on the screen without repositioning the insertion point
text automatically moves to the next line whin it reached the right margin
word wrap
also called producticity software, it is designed for an end user
applications software
describes computer-user interaction in which the user relies on an easy-to-use visual setting-that is, familiar graphical images or icons- rather than a difficult, word-based setting that requires memorization of complicated commands
Graphical User Interface
tangible, phisical computer equipment
Microsoft Corporation's operating system designed for the personal computer
running two or moredistinct comperter operations simultaneously- one in the foreground, the other(s) in the background
system software that allows for a group of two or more microcomputers to be connected
Network operating system
type of software that provides aninterface between the user or application program and the computer hardware
operating system
also called and application or a program, it is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
a group of programs that coordinated and controls the resources and operations of a computer system
systems software
operating system developed by AT&T
part of the computer's operating system that users interact with
user interface
prepared a disk to have files stored on it
disk formatting
allows the user to perform tasks such as copying, moving, and deleting files
file management
attempts to revover a file that has been erased
file recovery
attempts to place the segments of each file on the hard disk as close to one another as possile
disk defragmentation
removes an application that is no longer needed
provides detailed information about the computer system and attempts to locate problems
converts a file from one format to another
file conversion
frees up storgage space on a disk by compressing the existing files
protects the computer system from viruses
a word-processing application that enables you to create documents such as letters, memos, and reports
a desktop publishing application that enables you to design professional-looking documents such as brochures, calendars, signs, and poster
a web page application that enables you to create and maintain your own eeb site
a presentation application that enables you to create multimedia slide shows, transparencies, outlines, and organized charts
a spreadsheet application that enables you to work with text and numbers to create tables, worksheetsm and financial documents involving calculations
a database application that enables you to organize and manipulate information such as addressed and inventory data
a schedule/organization application that enables you to effeciently keep track of e-mail, appointments, tasks, contacts, and events