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What does Universal Precautions mean?
Assume all patients and all blood and body fluids are carrying disease.
When would it be appropriate to wear a mask?(4)
-patient as an airborne pathogen

-patient is immunocompromised

-you have flu or cold

-splattering or splash of body fluid
What are the three risk categories for patient care and instruments?
critical, semi-critical, and non-critical
Describe Non-critical body contact and the level disinfectant required.
intact skin, low level disinfectant
Describe semi-critical body contact and the level disinfectant required.
Mucous membrane or non-intact skin, high level dininfectant
Describe critical body contact and the level disinfectant required.
sterile body cavity or blood present, sterilization
What is the low level disinfectant?
70% isopropyl alchohol
What are the high level disinfectants?
10 minute immersion in:
-3% hydrogen peroxide
-2% gluteraldehyde
-1:10 bleach
How do you sterilize something?
-ethylen oxide
-2% gluteraldehyde >45 min
-6% H2O2 (prolonged soak)
-parecetic acid
What is OSHA's goal?
"to send every worker home whole and healthy everyday"