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What are the S/S of a grade I ankle sprain?
Local tenderness, local swelling, mild disability.
What are the S/S of a grade II ankle sprain?
Severe pain. Diffuse swelling. Increased tenderness at the area of the damaged ligament. Normal motion may be painful.
What are the S/S of a grade III ankle sprain?
Sever pain, diffuse swelling, increased tenderness to palpation are present. Patient resists any attempt to move the foot. Marked ecchymosis.
What is the treatment for Acute Stage ankle sprain?
AROM - PF, DF, INV, EV, ankle circles, alphabet. Sitting heal and toe raises. Ice/Elevation.
What is the treatment for sub-acute ankle sprains?
Gastrocnemius and Soleus stretching. Thereaband exercises - DF/PF, INV/EV. Standing heal raises - Bilat/Unilat. Single leg stance.
What is the treatment for phase III ankle sprains?
Kariokas, Figure 8, Side-stepping, treadmill - retrowalking, sidestepping, crossovers. Begin regular activities. Possible preventative/protective brace.
What is another name for a fracture of the distal fibula?
Pott's fractures.
What is the treatment for ankle fractures while in a cast?
Ambulation. Quad sets and SLR's to maintain strength. Active ROM using the toes.
What is the treatment for ankle fractures after cast removal?
ROM exercises. Strengthening exercises. Balance, proprioceptive and agility drills.
What are S/S of metatarsal fractures?
Tenderness over involved area. Swelling. Hematoma formation.