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Pt presents with a painful, red sunburn. It blisters mildly and is painful when touched.
1st degree burn
what thickness is 1st degree burn
partial thickness
burn victem presents with large blisters. Burst blisters are moist. Pt reports sensation in the area burned.
2nd degree burn
2nd degree burn involves injury to what layers of the skin
injury to epidermis & PART dermis
Pt presents with burn that appears black. He reports no pain and doesn not report sensation in the burned area.
3rd degree burn
3rd degree burns involve these layers of the skin
full thickness-epidermis & all dermis
treatment of 3rd degree burns
skin graft
Child presents with burn injury inconsistent with hx. What must you consider
child abuse
when evaluating severity burn look at these 2 factors first
extent(% of body surface area)depth
Which pts require fluid therapy?
Total burn > 20%
Age <2yrs>60yrs
2 stages of smoke inhalation
immediate stage: damage from the heat
pulmonary edema
Smoke inhalation pt presents with horse voice. What do you do?
evaluate the airway
what fluid should you give
100% crystalloid
(salt & water)
Fluid necessitation formula:
how long do you give fluid
push fluid as much as you can until they put out urine
pt w/ 70% burn is given fluid but not peeing, should you give diaretic?—
No – pt losing fluid to interstitial tissue (edema) – lasix will drop blood pressure
pt presents with burns. After securing the airway and making sure the pt is stable what should you do?
always look for other injuries that may be hidden:
3 types of burns:
electrical burn
chemical burns
thermal burn
3rd degree burn tx
immediately excise the part that is 3rd degree
Partial thickness burns (1st degree & 2 degree) will heal in about _______
2 weeks
3rd degree burns take this long to heal
longer than a month
skin grafts usually come from this body part
burn victems require increased calories and often require _______ nutrition
skin grafts are usually of this type
split thickness
skin grafts are usually of this type
split thickness