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What does avulsion fracture mean
When small part of bone with tendon or ligament attached is torn
When angle of inclination is decreased , its called _
Coxa vara
When angle of inclination is increased, its called _
Coxa valga
Which bone is common source for grafting
Injections are safe only in _ portion of buttock
Superior lateral
Injury to common fibular nerve most often occurs at _
Neck of fibula
Which arteries are usually damaged with fracture of neck of the femur
Medial and lateral circumflex femoral arteries
If medial circumflex artery is damaged, which artery will supply head of femur? Is it enough?
Artery to the ligamentum fovea , not enough, can get avascular necrosis
When you driving car, your hip is _, _ and _
medially rotated
Hip injury you get in car crash is _
Posterior dislocation
Which structures can be damaged if you screw up injection
Sciatic nerve
Inferior gluteal nerve
Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
Superior and inferior gluteal arteries
Foot drop results from the injury to _ nerve
Common fibular
In foot drop you have loss of _ and _
Eversion and dorsiflexion (anterior and lateral compartments)
A swelling or deformity at the head of the big toe is called _
Hallux valgus or bunion
Where does Bakers cyst occur?
What kind of fluid is in there? Where from?
Popliteal fossa
Synovial fluid from knee joint
Unhappy triad injury includes _
Torn ACL
Torn tibial collateral ligament
Torn medial meniscus
Anterior drawer sign is when _
Rupture of ACL allows tibia to slide anteriorly from the femur
Posterior drawer sign is when _
Rupture of posterior cruciate ligament allows tibia to slide posteriorly from the femur
Potts fracture is _
dislocation of the ankle when foot is forcibly everted - this pulls hard on medial ligament and tears medial malleolus. Tallus then moves laterally, tearing off lateral malleolus and sometimes breaking fibula superior to inferior tibiofibular joint.
Knock knee
Lateral angulation of knee angle, also called genu valgum
Medial angulation of knee angle, also called genu varum
Femoral hernia lies _ to pubic tubercle
Inferior and lateral
Femoral hernia is bounded by _ laterally and _ medially
Femoral vein
Lacunar ligament
Posterior dislocation of the hip damages what nerve
Which ligament is damaged in Potts fracture
Housemaids knees is also called
Prepatellar bursitis
If you have rupture of Achilles tendon you cannot _
Plantar flex foot
Flat foot is caused by _
Collapse of medial portion of longitudinal arch with eversion and abduction of forefoot
If you have damage to femoral nerve you have impaired _
Flexion of the hip and extension of the leg resulting from paralysis of quadriceps femoris
Damage to obturator nerve causes _
weakness of adduction
Damage to sciatic nerve causes paralysis of _
Hamstring muscles and muscles below knee
Damage to sciatic nerve causes _
Impaired extension of the hip
Flexion of the knee
Loss of dorsiflexion at ankle and eversion of foot
Damage to tibial nerve causes loss of _
Plantar flexion, impaired inversion because of paralysis of tibialis posterior, clawing of toes
When performing an episiotomy which perineal structures are cut
Mediolateral - perineal skin, posterior wall of vagina, bulbospongiosus muscle
Median - frenulum of labia minora, through skin, vaginal mucosa, perineal body and superficial perineal muscle
What route surgeon takes when repairing ruptured bladder
Through anterior abdominal wall
What can be damaged during hysterectomy
Ureter because its passed under uterine artery and it needs to be ligated during surgery
Inspection with speculum allows to examine
Vaginal walls, posterior fornix, uterine cervix and cervical os
Where do you insert needle when need to do pudendal block
Medial side of ischial tuberosity
If you have locking of the knee you have injury to _
Medial meniscus
Fracture of tubercle of 5th metatarsal - which muscle involved
Fibularis brevis
Patellar reflex is weakened and decreased hip flexion - which nerve damaged
Diminished sensation of dorsum of foot and medial posterior part of foot, what is level of damage