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what is the smith ab specific for?
what is a disorder of disorganized antibodies?
what specific blood test is important for lupus?
what can misdiagnose lupus and why?
dandruff because it looks like one of the diagnostic criteria, the malar rash
what are a malar rash, discoid rash, photosensitivity, oral ulcers, arthritis, and renal disorders indicative of?
what is the SEAT of the discoid rash of lupus?
Atrophy centrally
when you see multi-tissue involvement in lupus, what should you think?
what is the worst lesion involving the kindey?
diffuse proliferative GN
what types of SLE patients will not respond meds and therefore must wait until they go into renal failure to be put on the transplant list?
how do you establish a drug-induced SLE dx?
stop the drug and see if symptoms resolve
who does neonatal lupus affect?
children born of mothers with anti-ro or la antibodies
what is a serious, permanent complication of neonatal lupus?
complete heart block
what generally defines primary reynauds?
the longer you've had symptoms that can't be explained by anything else
what are 3 things secondary reynauds be due to?
CT disease
drugs and toxins
structureal arterial disease
if a patient has persistent reynauds rather than intermittent, what can it be?
scleroderma progressive systemic sclerosis
what can sclerodactyly be a sign of?
scleroderma progressive systemic sclerosis
what are the hallmarks of scleroderma progressive systemic sclerosis?
microangiopathy and fibrosis of the skin and visceral organs
who is more likely to have severe progressive systemic sclerosis?
what is a fibroblast metabolic defect that includes collagen?
scleroderma progressive systemic sclerosis
what can cardiac involvement in scleroderma look like?
myocardial fibrosis, cardiomyopathy
what is the primary cause of morbidity and mortality in scleroderma?
pulmonary involvement
what can musculoskeletal involvement in scleroderma look like?
myalgias and arthralgias
inflamed, non-erosive arthritis
if a patient regurgitates food, has constipation and paradoxical diarrhea, what does it indicate?
GI involvement in scleroderma
what does digital pitting, ulcerations, and dry gangrene indicate?
vascular involvement in scleroderma
what organ involvement occurs early in scleroderma with hemolytic anemia?
renal involvement
what presents initially as an inflammatory response with puffiness or swelling of hands and fingers but later presents as an induration of the skin that progresses proximally?
cutaneous involvement in scleroderma
what are 3 serologic abnormalities in scleroderma?
anti-Scl 70 antibodies
anti-centromere bodies
what is a major criteria for scleroderma?
skin thickening/induration proximal to MCP joints
what are 3 minor criteria for scleroderma?
digital pitting scars
bibasilar pulmonary fibrosis
what Rx can be used for ischemic ulcers in scleroderma?
calcium channel blockers for vasodilation
CREST syndrome describes what?
limited scleroderma
Raynaud's phenomenon
what is type I of inflammatory muscle disease?
polymyositis in adults
what are 4 typical dermal features that differentiate between polymyositis and dermatomyositis?
grottens patches
periungal erythema
v-neck erythema