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bone marrow can increase red cell production to seven time the normal level, this is inadequate and anemia results.
all of the following except what are features of hemolytic anemia?

not hepatomegaly
A pt with hemolytic anemia may end up with _ gall stones due to the chronic hyperbilirubinemia, which may lead to obstructive jaundice.

-pigmented stones
pigmented stones
all of the following are congenital causes of hemolytic anemia except 1?

-hereditary spherocytosis
-transfusion reaction
-G6PD deficiency
-pyruvate kinase deficiency
-sickle-cell disease
transfusion reaction is an acquired form of hemolytic anemia
All of the following are acquired causes of hemolytic anemia except?

-drug induced
-prosthetic heart valve
-hemolytic transfusion reaction
-microangiopathic (HUS)
-nocturnal hemoglobinuria
-all are acquired
all are acquired forms of hemolytic anemia
An increased level of unconjugated bilirubin, elevated LDH, and indicative of _ anemia.
LDH is elevated in hemolytic anemia due to?
released from damaged rbc's
low or absent haptoglobin levels are found in hemolytic anemia since haptoglobin binds avidly to free plasma _.

an elevated reticulocytic count is increased in red blood cell _.

all of the following are true about hereditary spherocytosis except 1.

-autosomal dominant
-typically presents in childhood with pallor jaundice
-splenomegaly common
-treatment with steroids
the treatment is not steroids but splenectomy
After splenectomy patients are at risk for infection with _ bacteria.

Prior to a splenectomy patients should receive all of the following immunizations except?

all but varicella
pt's with a splenectomy should receive life long antibiotic prophylaxis with ??


red cell enzyme deficiency is involved in red cell glucose metabolism can result in hemolytic anemia.
what are the most important red cell enzyme deficiencies? (2).
G6PD and pyruvate kinase deficiency
Hemolytic uremic syndrome is characterized by all of the following except?

-microangiopathic hemolytic anemia
-liver failure
-renal failure
not liver failure
Which of the following bugs is sometimes responsible for small epidemics of HUS?

-ecoli (0157)
-h. flu
e coli 0157
which of the following a classic in G6PD?

-philadelphia chromosome
-heinz bodies
-ritz cells
heinz bodies
all of the following are true about G6PD except what?

-NADPH (reduced)
-leads to hemolytic anemia
-common in subtropics/tropics
-autosomal dominant
-supha and primaquine can induce hemolytic event
not autosomal dominant but is x linked

fava bean ingestion can trigger a hemolytic attack in G6PD

In G6PD anemia, the disease is usually self-limiting and supportive care is the only requirement. Chronic hemolytic anemia is rare.
_ deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive disease. Usually appears in childhood with anemia and jaundice.

-pyruvate kinase deficiency
pyruvate kinase deficiency