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suppurative PMN inflammation
-inflammation due to bacterial infection
-acute inflammatory response
mononuclear inflammation
-viral or bacterial inflammation
-chronic inflammatory response
cytopathic-cytoproliferative inflammation
-induce destructive infection or proliferation of abnormal cells
necrotizing inflammation
-cell death wtih rapidly advancing infection
chornic inflammation + scarring
at end of inflammatory response
-lots of fibrosis
-lymphocyte infiltration
-viruses that cause COLDS
-not assoc. with pneumonia
-symp: rhinnorhea (runny nose), pharyngitis, cough, LOW GRADE FEVER
-complications: sinusitis, otitis media
influenza A/B
-viruses that cause FLU
-viruses changes annually
-symptoms: RAPID onset of INTENSE FEVER, chills myalgia, headache, cough
-induce inflammotry response
virus that cause respiratory, eye, GI + UT infections
-"cold like symptoms
-sudden explosive cough
-rapidly fatal hemorrhagic pneumonia in immunocomprised indivi
-dx: cultured
-path: necrosis, hemorrhage + inflammotry infiltration
-tx: treated symptomatically
-they DN lk sick
-adults: mild croupy cough
-children: acute pneumonitis, barking cough
dx: steep sign of air passage
-virus killed ciliated resp epi cells - inflam. resp.

tx: humidifier, hydration, nebulization, oxygen, corticosteroids (lessens swelling in air passage)
-severe croup-like illness
-ACUTE onset of croupy cough
-HIGH FEVER and drooling
-toxic appearance
-dx: x ray shows thumb sign (lks like a thumb pressing on air passage)

-caused by Haemophilus infleunze type B (HIB)
-children: acute lower resp. disease
-adults: mild like cold-like infection
-dx: culture
path: you find fusion of infected cells, multinucleated giant cells
Respiratory syncytial virus

tx: ribavirin for severe cases
-highly contagious
-10 day incubation
-symp: fever, cough, coryza (runny nose), conjunctivities + rash on day 4-5
-koplik spots on mouth/labia (bluish white lesions with red halo)
-Warthin-Finkeldy multinuclearted giant cells
-rash on palms + soles
-complications: giant cell pneumonia, otitis media, postinfectious encephalitis
measles (rubeola)

-vaccine part of MMR at 12 months (helped with the decrease in incidence)
-highly contagious
-10-21 d. incubation
-MILD lymphadenopathy
-rash is not on palms + soles
-dx: serology
Rubella (German measles)

tx: systemic relief, resp support + hydration

-causes congenital rubella syndrome
What is congenital rubella syndrome?
infected mother passes to fetus in 1ST TRIMESTER

deafness, glaucoma (blind), congenital heart diesase, mental retardation, death
-highly contagious
-symptoms: infection of salivary glands, blitaral parotid + submandibular gland enlargement
-attacks testes
-common cause of male infertility
children - "slapped cheek" rash
adults: lace-like rash
Parvovirus B19 (5th disease)
-elimiated because of vaccination
-on list of bioterrorism agenst because many lack immunity now
smallpox (variola)