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a large scale circulation pattern characterized by alternating sinusoidal and zonal flow patterns
Rosby Wave
describes energy flux and low level stability using measurements of sensible and latent heat flux
Bowen ratio
a cloud type characterized by precipitation hydrospheres
the temperature at which the rate of condensation exceeds the rate of evaporation
dew point
the ratio of radiation reflected from a surface compared to the amount of incident radiation at the surface
a large scale circulation feature characterized by convergence of equatorial winds at the earths surface
a circulation feature of the pacific ocean first observed during studies of variation in salmon fisheries productivity
a measure of the non spherical orbit of the earth about the sun
large scale circulation featurecharacterized by rising air at the equator and sinking air in mid-latitude regions
Hadley cell
a descriptive methodology that indexes long term variability of surface hydralic conditions
large scale circulation pattern arising from sea water salt concentration and temperature gradients
regional changes in wind patterns associated with dramatic changes in precipitation amounts
an oceanic phenomenon characterized by an increase in ocean surface elevation off the western South American coast
El Nino
upper level cloud formation exhibiting vertical development and distinctly formed cloud elements
the cause of meridional dependent deflection of a particules trajectory
Coriolis force
a large scale circulation feature characterized by an east to west direction and location north and south of the equator
trade winds
the change in atmospheric temperature as a function of height
lapse rate
an area characterized by precipitation deficit from normal conditions
events or conditions that occur prior to the onset of another condition and affect its sfficacy
the seasonally dependent boundary depiciting the maximum average temperature of the earth
thermal equator
the time of the year when solar energy rays are perpendicular to the tropic of cancer or tropic of capricorn
an increase in atmospheric temperature with height as aresult of rapid cooling at a lower layer
pertaining to daily changes in the value of an observed atmospheric parameter
a balance between the pressure gradient and material dependent rational forces
a graphical depiction of diurnal and hourly values of time-averaged temperature