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This client is deliberate & strategic & logical. They are interested in a FP that is an authoritative figure. There is an air of caution and it is important that the recommendations are responsible. The FP should demonstrate knowledge of working with like clients with similar circumstances.
This client if very focused on others – there is an element of dependence. Therefore, the FP is a partner and the essence of the work is based on a relationship. The FP should discuss options and recommendations and provide explanations. This is not about being affluent; it is about supporting a lifestyle.
This client is interested in showing independence and not necessarily following the rules. Interested in short-term gains, may need some mad money and needs to see the FP as a person who can facilitate life’s enjoyment. This client is more interested in the use of money has compared to its management.

Recommendations should be brief, no buzz words. FP should use the client’s tactical skills to move forward on recommendations. This client is interested in values and having a FP that can support this.
This client comes to FP looking for an independent expert. He/She will be curious about the FP’s philosophy and interested in situations the FP has experience in that are similar to his/her own. The fear they are working with is incompetence; this is why he/she will be looking for experts and are interested in taking advantage of and having a curiosity about what the FP has to offer.

This person may not follow recommendations and are often looking for bang/buck. The FP needs to share info in an expert manner, indicate the steps needed for implementation. Stated in a matter of fact way, this should not be shared in a way that seems to be directing the client’s life.
constraint, they engage in lively and spontaneous behavior, including spending or dissipating their wealth in ways that attempt to prove they are free spirits
Threatened by abandonment or a lack of nurturance, they feel dependent and helpless and avoid the accumulation of money and property. They feel full and complete when experiencing warmth and emotional closeness. They believe that having more money and property than one needs is evil and will result in their becoming less lovable. Hence, they will tend to divest themselves of wealth and donate it for the good of their community
Feeling threatened by a lack of control, overstimulation, and disarray, they are generally tidy, stubborn, stingy, retentive, and enjoy saving and hoarding.
Feeling threatened by being found incompetent, they take, wrest, buy, compete, exploit, and make sure the world is aware of their achievements and independence. They abhor excessive nurturance and react with reduced feelings of interpersonal sensitivity and attachment