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to act as pilot or helmsman, Ar.
2. metaph. to guide, govern,
speak to, address,
to obtain by lot, by fate, by the will of the gods
ἕρπω attic aor1 εἵρπυσα, inf. ἑρπύσαι supplied by ἑρπύζω
to creep, crawl,
roll, Med. and Pass., turn oneself round or about
ἑκών , ἑκοῦσα, ἑκόν
1. willing, of free will, readily, Hom., etc.
2. wittingly, purposely,
ἀμφήκης, ἀμφηκες
That cuts both ways, ambiguous, forked
κεραυνός, οῦ,
thunderbolt, Lat. fulmen,
guide, direct,
go to and fro, roam wildly about
πόλος , o(
celestial sphere, vault of heauen, sky,; piuot on which anything turns, axis:
ὁπόσος ὁπόσος, η, ον
as many as
to do, act, deal
ἄνοια, h(
want of understanding, folly
περισσός , Att. περιττός , ή, όν,
beyond the regular number or size, prodigious; out of the common, extraordinary, strange; superfluous, useless,
ἄρτιος , α, ον
complete, perfect of its kind, suitable, exactly fitled
ὕπατος, η, ον for ὑπέρτατος
the highest, uppermost
ἐσθλός , ή, όν,
morally good, faithful,; of persons, brave, stout,; of things, good of their kind,
συναρμόζω ,
to fit together; to adapt one thing to another
κτῆσις, εως κτάομαι
possessions, property
to give ear to, attend to
σπουδή, ἡ, σπεύδω
haste, speed, ; pains, exertion, trouble,
κερδοσύνη, ἡ,
cunning, craft
ἄνεσις , gen. εως,
loosening, relaxing,; indulgence, licence
πάμ-πα^ν , Adv.,
wholly, altogether,
κελαι-νεφής , ές,
black with clouds, Homeric epith. of Zeus,; shrouded in dark clouds, cloud-wrapped,
ἀργι^-κέραυνος , ον,
weilder of bright lightening; with bright, vivid lightning,
to rescue, save, deliver
λυγρός , ά, όν,
mournful, weak, cowardly, baneful
scatter, disperse
c. gen., hit the mark, attain to, obtain,; c. dat., meet with, fall in with,
πίσυ^νος [ι^], ον
trusting on, relying on, always c. dat
that, in order that, to the end that
repay, requite, c. acc. pers. et dat. rei; give in exchange,
διηνεκής , ές
continuous, unbroken,
ἐπέοικε perf. with no pres. in use.
I. to be like, to suit, c. dat. pers; II. mostly impers. it is fit, proper, c. dat. pers. et inf.,c. acc. pers. et inf.,