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What is a device that measures wind speed?
What is any form of water particles that falls from the atmosphere and reaches the ground?
What is the force put on a given area by the weight of the air above it?
air pressure
What is the amount of the Sun's energy that reaches Earth at a given time and place?
What is a circular pattern of air rising, air sinking, and wind?
convection cell
What is the wind that blows from sea to land?
sea breeze
What is water in the form of a gas?
water vapor
What is the changing of a gas into a liquid?
What is a puffy cloud that appears to rise up from a flat bottom?
cumulus cloud
What is the changing of a liquid into a gas?
What is a device for measuring air pressure?
What is the blanket of gases that surrounds Earth?
What the lower atmosphere is like at any given place and time?
What is the wind that blows from land to sea?
land breeze
What is a device that indicates wind direction?
wind vane
What is the amount of water vapor in the air?
What is the continuous movement of water between Earth's surface and the air, changing from liquid to gas to liquid?
water cycle
What is the layer of the atmosphere closest to Earth's surface?
What is air that moves horitzontally?
What is a line on a weather map connecting places with equal air pressure?
What is a high-altitude cloud with a featherlike shape, made of ice crystals?
cirrus cloud
What is a comparison between condensation and evaporation?
relative humidity
90% of the air we breathe is made up of what?
hydrogen and oxygen
what is the curving of the path of a moving object caused by Earth's rotating?
Coriolis effect
What is a cloud that forms at ground level?
What is a cloud that forms in a blanketlike layer?
stratus cloud