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Definition of Drug
an agent intended for use in the treatment of a diseae in humans or other animals
Diagnostic purpose

Eg. Use of radio opaque dyes administered to patients; intended as contrast media for radiology
Eg2. Intradermal skin test or detecting presence of TB or fungus infections.

Drug devices- blood glucose level, early pregnancy test
Vaccines, use of some dietary supplements, minerals, herbals, oral contraceptives
Antibiotics- medication TO CURE or GET RID OF conditions such as infection or disease
Mitigation or Pallitation or amelioration or alleviation

*hint*Maintanance Therapy is...
Largest group of drugs dealt with.
Mediction that relieve the symptoms or limit the effect of disease.
They control disease

Eg. Antihypertensin, drug to treat diabetes, insulin

extra (hint)
Maintanance therapy - taken for a long time or chronic medication.

Benefits cease when they are not taken

like aids cocktail~ doen't cure but maintains low viral mode
USA Classification based on legality/legitamacy of use.

list 3
-Investigational (IND)
-Contolled substance (Drugs of Potential Abuse): CI,CII,CIII,CIV,CV