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What are the four classifications of skill
A. precision of movement
b. distinctiveness of movement
c. stability of movement
d. nature of movement
What is precision of Movement and its two components
extent that control of muscles are involved in motor skill
a. Gross M.S.:large muscles (jumping)
b. Fine M.S: small muscles (typing)
What is Distinctiveness of beginning and ending pt and 3 components
extent to which movement is an ongoing stream of behavior, as opposed to a brief, well defined action
3comp: discrete, continuous, serial
Explain discret, continuous and serial m.s.
a.discrete: clear easily defined beg + end. short duration (throwing ball)
b.continuous: unrecognizeable b+e, jog,swim,steering
c. serial: series of discrete actions order is important.
What is stability of environment and two components
extent to which the environment is stable + predictable throughout performance
a. open
b. closed
Explain open and closed M.S
open: unpredicatable environment (forced play) basketball
closed:predicatable environment:self paced bowling golf
What is nature of movement and its two components
primary derterminant of mvmt is the quality of mvmt itself as being more physical or involving more thinking
a. motor skills
b. congnitive