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Classic Strain Theory: Deprivation & Delinquent Subculture
-Low-class adoloscents
-Delinquent subculture plays a role in delinquent behavior
-Inability to gain status
-Inability to gain acceptance
-Lower class youths cannot meet middle-class standards in school
-Status Deprivation = Status Frustration = Reaction Formation
Reaction Formation
-Response to Status Frustration
-Nature of delinquent activities
-Subculture gains status through gangs; violent activity, malicious & negativistic views.
Middle-Class Standards
1) Ambition
2) Responsibility
3) Deferred Gratification
4) Rationality
5) Controlled Aggression
6) Respect for Property
Delinquent Subcultures
1) Criminal = income-producing crimes
2) Conflict = physical violence
3) Retreatist = drugs and alcohol; "DOUBLE FAILURES"
Focal Concerns (MILLER)
1) Fatalism
2) Autonomy
3) Trouble
4) Excitement
5) Smartness
6) Toughness