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Most adolescents have some ideological diffusion at various developmental stages, as they experience a proliferation of ideas and values.
Many industry trade associations are developing campaigns to protect or enhance the share of the consumer's dollar being spent on their particular products.
Do its spokesmen seem more interested in the amount of money they collect than in the principles they purport to advocate?
In the first instance, "mimesis" is here used to mean the recalling of experience in terms of vivid images rather than in terms of abstract ideas or conventional designations.
There are masses of shops, restaurants, cafes and all the sophisticated amenities of a large city, including, concert hall, theatres of all sorts plus museums and so on.
The Bundesbank, not Clinton, will decide Europe's fate. As the German economy weakens, it will be forced to cut its rates.
In another study Frost and
Spence (1984, 145) also argue that industrial restructuring has had a negligible impact on changes in employment patterns.
Whilst the cost of unemployment in terms of human misery and risk of social unrest must be considerable, the attempt to seek a remedy must not be looked at as merely a social gesture.
Potting of growing plants should be continuous until they attain a size where they can be transferred to the outdoor pool without hazard.
Mr. Kennedy did not neglect to cultivate the personal friendship of reporters.