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What is the study of the sound system of a lanuage called?
What is the uniqueness of phonology?
I enable the speaker to form meaningful utterances and enables the speaker to recognize sound from their langauge.
What is a Allophone?
A phoneme that is pronounced in different ways depending on its position in an utterance but still remains the same phoneme.
What is a Allophone?
An allophone is a phonetic variant of a phoneme in a particular language.

Examples (English)
[p] and [pH] are allophones of the phoneme /p/.
[t] and [tH] are allophones of the phoneme /t/.
What is Aspiration?
The puff of air that follows the pronunciation of certain sounds.
What is Juncture?
The type of connection or transition between phonemes (I scream, ice cream).
What is Pitch?
Height of speech sound due to the vibration frequency of the vocal cords.
What is Register?
The style of the lanaguage being used that ranges from colloquial to formal depending on the topic, situation, and the audience.
What is Tone?
A change in pitch that affects the meaning of the words. (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai).
What is Morphology?
It is the study of the meaning units in a lanaguage. It is the the study of how words are built. Words can be broken down into smal segments that retain meaning (morphemes).