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Under what conditions may a minor be admitted for inpatient hospitalization w/out parental consent?
the minor is a danger to self, others, or is gravely disabled & voluntary tx is not available. No minimum age is stipulated. The facility must make every effort to notify the parent's or legal guardian asap after the minor is hospitalized.
Who makes up the BOP & who appoints them?
9 total. 5 lic psychologists all appointed by the govenor & 4 public members. 2 of whom are appointed by the govenor, 1 appointed by the Senate Rules Committee, & 1 appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly.
What areas of coursework must be completed before a psychology license will be awarded?
a semester or quarter term of substance abuse, at least 10 hours of sexuality, at leaast 7 hours of child abuse, at least 2 hours of spousal or partner abuse. A 4 hour course in law & ethics must be completed each lic renewal cylce but is not required to be licensed.
According to the Tarasoff Statue (civil code 43.92), what does a therapist need to do to discharge his or her Tarasoff duty?
notify the intended victim(s) and the police. Although it is important to do, this statue does not include taking reasonable steps to prevent violence. Tarasoff II added that.
When HIPPA & State law are contradictory, which one should a practitioner comply with?
Psychologists must comply with the one that is the strictest, & if they contradict s/he must comply w/HIPPA because it is a federal law.
What is the time frame for filing an accusation againt a psychologist's license?
Must be filed w/in 3 years from the date that the BOP discovers the act or 7 years from the date the act occurred, whichever comes first
If a psychologist has been subject to disciplinary action. in what circumstances must s/he inform patients
Only when asked.
When a patient request to inspect his or her records, who may s/he have accompany him or her?
The pt or the pt representative may be accompanied by one other person of his or her choosing.
A) What age does a minor have to be to receive medical care related to pregnancy w/out parental consent? B) Does this include abortion & contraception? C ) What about sterilization? D) What stipulations apply?
A) any age
B) yes
C) no
D) none
According to evidence code 1017, under what circumstances is there no privilege?
When the court appoints a psychotherapist to examine a pt (although informed consent must still be secured.) Privilege remains up until the issue of a pt's mental condition, comptentcy, or sanity is actually raised in the court proceeding.
Is it ethical for a psychologist to allow a disabled pt to take home a self report questionnaire so that s/he can complete it more comfortably at home?
yes, unless it violates test security.
What must an appplicant do to reactivate an inactive license?
notify the BOP, submit license fees, and submit proof of meeting any necessary continuing ed requirements pro-rated to the time period the psychologist's license is active. (6 months of active status would require 9 CE units.) When the license is on inactive status, the psychologists does not need to earn CEUs. There is no limit on how long a license may remain on inactive status.
What does evidence code 1024 deal with?
It states that in a legal proceeding there is no privilege if a psychotherapist believes that the pt's mental or emotional condition causes him or her to be a danger to self, others, or property of others and the disclosure is necessary to prevent that danger. It is the only code that explicitly addresses when a patient makes a serious threat against property.
What are the guidelines for the use of confidential material for didatic purposes?
Confidential material may only be revealed if the pt. has consented in writing. If there is no written consent, the confidential info must be disguised.