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Lists some uses of notes
A) basis for reports
B) refernce for further investigation
C) admission as evidence
D) subject to scrutunity of court
E) serves as a general index to help memory
What are some purposes of reports
*record facts into permanent record
*coordinate follow-up activities
*provide investigation leads
* statistical data
*officer evaluation
Basic steps of report writing are?
* gather facts
* record the facts
* organize the facts
*write the report
* evalate the report
Basic requisites of report writing
* factual
* clear
* concise
* complete
* accurate
* written in standard english
* mechanically correct
* legible
* on time
editing is __________ to improve report ______________?
rewriting to improve report content
proofreading corrects ________
errors in spelling, caps and punctuation
Identify where reporting procedures may be found to include....
* Florida Statutes
* admin rules
* department /agency standard operating procedures
* on the report form
General rules of radio procedures
* plan messages
* don't interupt
* give the receiver of the message of the time to acknowledge before repeating
* pay attention
* acknowledge all calls
What are the basic elements of the interview process?
beginning; main portion; end
what is the primary responsibility of the interviewer in an investigation
* obtain all pertinent info
* reduce the info obtained to a form that be integrated and compared with other case info
* preserve the information for further use
Primary factors that influence the succes of an interview
* isolation
* convience
* physical and emotional state of witness
Identify major procedures for interview and interogation documentation to include
* taking notes
* tape recording
* obtainin written statements
An acknowledgement of a commission of all elements of a crime and the invidual's involvment is a _______.
An _______ is a scknowledment of certain facts that tend to be incriminating with respect to a specific crime but are not complete enought to constitute a confession.
Missing children information clearinghouse
National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
What is NLETS?
national communication link avbailable through FCIC
Identify the major components of the FCIC system.
*main frame computer (records storage)
* communication processors
* communication (phone) lines
* data sets
* terminals