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the formal court appearance which the charges are read and a plea is entered
a sum of money or property specified by the judge that is presented as a condition of release.
holding a defendant for trial.
Preventive Detention
upheld the Bail Reform Act
United States v. Salerno
upheld the practice of plea bargaining.
Santobello v. New York
plea bargaining “can benefit all concerned.”
Blackledge v. Allison
plea must be voluntary.
Boykin v. Alabama
prosecutors must fulfill their obligations.
Santobello v. New York
defendants must fulfill their obligations of the plea bargain.
Ricketts v. Adamson
threats to seek more serious charges must be supported by evidence
Bordenkircher v. Hayes
sentence overturned because a defendant had been coerced to plead guilty
People v. Clark
use of small juries upheld
Williams v. Florida
6 member juries must vote unanimously to convict
Burch v. Louisiana
questioning of prospective jurors
Voir Dire Examination
removal of a juror because he or she has some bias
Challenge for Cause
removal without giving a reason
Peremptory Challenge
peremptory challenges cannot be used to exclude because of race or gender
Batson v. Kentucky
a writ requesting that a judge examine whether an individual is being properly detained
Habeas Corpus
punishment inflicted on a person who has infringed on the rights of others and so deserves to be penalized
the death penalty, as administered, constitutes cruel and unusual punishment
Furman v. Georgia
death penalty laws are constitutional; death not inappropriate sentence in all situations
Gregg v. Georgia
rejection of a challenge of Georgia’s death penalty on grounds of racial discrimination
McCleskey v. Kemp
execution of the mentally retarded is unconstitutional
Atkins v. Arizona
juries must decide whether or not a convicted murderer will receive the death penalty
Ring v. Arizona
the 8th Amendment prohibits the execution of the insane
Ford v. Wainwright
the court would not allow a 15 year old offender to be executed
Thompson v. Oklahoma
the justices upheld the death sentences imposed on 16 & 17 year old offenders
Stanford v. Kentucky & Wilkins v. Missouri
the Supreme Court ruled that defendants in capital cases had the right to representation that meets an objective standard of reasonableness
Strickland v. Washington
the court declared that an inexperienced lawyer failed to provide adequate representation
Wiggins v. Smith