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What is a node ?
Any connection on a network. It's a piece of hardware (like a computer or a printer) that's attached to a network and that can process or pass on information and transmission to other nodes on the network.
What do the below listed servers do?

1. Mail servers

2. File Servers

3. Print Servers

4. Web Servers
Mail Servers - send, receive and store e-mail

File servers - allow users to share files

Print Servers - allow users to share printers

Web Servers - Host websites on intranets, extranets, and the internet
All networks no matter what their architecture, flavor or proclivity are comprised of what 3 main components?
1. Protocols

2. Transmission media

3. Network services
What advantages do client/server model have over mainframe?
The client server model has the ability to cut down on network traffic by distributing the workload.
What are bottlenecks?
Specific points in a network where traffic gets jammed up.
What is web-based networking?
A networking environment that connects users to remote resources via the World Wide Web.
How many computers are generally contained in a peer-to-peer network?
ten or fewer
What are some common software products used in a peer-to-peer network?
Artisoft lantastic

Microsoft windows 9x

Microsoft windows for workgroups

Novell netware lite
What is more secure a peer to peer or a server based network?
A server based network, because it can store all shared data in one central location instead of being spread over several computers as in a peer-to-peer based network.
What does an enterprise network do?
It provides connectivity among nodes in an organization regardless of their geographic location and runs a company mission critical applications.
What are mission critical applications?
The programs that must keep the day-to-day operations of a business going.
What are 2 key characteristics of an enterprise network?
1. They support multiprotocol systems

2. They support multiple architectures
What are 3 factors that effect the network topology a company chooses?
1. The type of applications used in e-mail programs, and web servers.

2. User requirements - the needs of the user on the network

3. Network architecture- the physical environment the network will be placed in.
What are the cons of the bus topology?
If the cable breaks at some point the entire network can be affected.

It can be difficult to isolate where the problems is

The network slows down-during high traffic time periods.
Why is it more difficult to add nodes to a star network than a bus network?
Because devices such as hubs can accommodate only a set number of connections
What are some pros of the star topology
One node goes down and it won't affect the rest of the network.

It's easy to expand (within the limits of the central device)

It's easy to configure

Network management is centralized around the hub or other device
What is the main con of using the star topology?
If the hub goes down the whole network goes down
How does a message get sent using the ring topology
When a computer sends out a message it passes a token (a specific kind of electronic signal) to the next computer. The token continues to get passed from computer to computer until it reaches it destination.
List the pros of the ring topology
All nodes have equal access to data

It can handle heavy traffic well
What are the cons of the ring topology
Expansion or reconfiguration can effect the whole network - the ring the token is traveling on has to be broken (at least temporarily) to add or subtract nodes.

Isolating problems can be difficult because a problem in any section of the ring can affect data transfer on the whole network

If one node fail the whole network can fail
What are the most common type of hybrid toplologies
Star bus and star ring
What is a star bus
Two or more topologies are connected using a bus topology cable commonly called a trunk
What is a star-ring
Two or more star topologies are connected by using a MAU
List the pros of hybrid topolgies
1. They're easy to expand

2. The whole network usually isn't affected if one node goes down

3. They can support high-speed media material that allows data to flow through or be stored on it.
What does a mesh topology do
It connects nodes on a network to provide multiple paths for data to travel.
List some Network Operating systems
1. unix

2. Windows Nt

3. Windows 2000, 2000 PRO, AND Advanced Serve

4. Novell netware
Explain the following unix terms?

The most basic, essential part of an operating system the kernel always resides in memory
The shell is a text or command based interface
X Windows
A graphical user interface (gui) x windows was developed to simplify working in X-unix.