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What are some people/events/things that caused the Civil War?
John Brown, Bleedin' Kansas, election of 1860 (Lincoln), Fugitive Slave Law, abolitoionists, slaves going west.
What was nullification?
Southern states said that they had a right to cancel thieir allegiance to the union.
Southerns lived in a _______ style living off the land.
Were most Southerners poorer or richer?
Nearly how much of the Southern population was slaves?
Over what % of the factories were in the north?
What is the name of the fort in South Carolina where President Buchanan sent unarmed shipwith supplies. South Carolina fired cannonballs form the shore of the fort and drove the ship away.
Fort Sumter
When did Buchanan send a ship with supplies to Fort Sumter? it was a cold night by the way.
December 1860
When did the Civil War begin?
April 12,1861
When did South Carolina Secede from the Union?
What year does Tennessee secede from the Union?
Where was the Confederate States of America's Capital?
Richmond, VA
Who is the president of the Confederacy?
Jefferson Davis
What is the Confederate National Anthem?
Who was Lincoln's first choice for army leader of the Union?
Robert E. Lee
Why did Robert E. Lee deny Lincoln's requet?
Although he opposed secession and owned no slaves he was loyal to the South.
Who was leader of the Confedearate Troops?
Robert E. Lee
When was Battle at Bull Run, VA?
July 1, 1861
Which Confederate General was nicknamed "Stonewall" Jackson and why?
Confederate General Thomas Jackson topped the Union like a stonewall at Battle at Bull Run, VA.
Why did people watch Battle at Bull Run, VA? The crowd brought picninc lunches and just watched
They couldn't believe that some people were having to shoot at their own brother, son, or father.
What was the South's "cotton" plan?
The Southerners believed that England and France would help them in the war if they stopped exporting them cotton, their economies would collapse. It turned out that they didn't need cotton though, they needed wheat from the norh.
Why are the "poor" fighting the war for the confederates?
Because the South passed a draft saying that you could hire a substitute or if you had 20 slaves or more.
How many Black fought in the Civil War?
What happened because of the Union's $300 draft?
Riots broke out. In NYC, Irish workers rioted for forur days. OVer 100 blacks in NYC were murdered.
Who was the Union General?
Ulysses S. Grant
When was the Battle of Shiloh?
APril, 1862
What battle did the Confederates almost defeat the Union, but then the Union attacked at night.
Battle of Shiloh
When was the Battle of Anietam (VA)
September 1862
What happened to Lee's plans @ Battle of Antietam?
He wrapped them up in cigars dear a campfire that McCellan had found. The Confeds retreated; Union won the battle.
When was the Emancipation Proclamation? and wat was is?
January 1, 1863

it declared that persons held as slaves (in states in rebellion to the Union) shall be forever free. Lincoln now declares the war is about slavery.
Who said "War is hell."
William T. Sherman
When did Lee decide to attack in the north, meet Union at Gettysburg, PA.?
June, 1863
How long was Gettysburg and what day did they fight?
2 days, July 1-3
What marked the beginning of the end for the South?
How was Lincoln's early life?
poor; born in Indiana, and lived ina one-room cabin with a dirt floor. He attedend a log cabin schoolhouse. "blab school"
Why were some schools called "blab schools"
They learned in ways of talking not reading.
Who did a lot of Civil war photography?
Mathew Brady
When did the Southj loose t Vicksburg, MS
July 4, 1863
What cut the south in half?
The Union owned the MS River.
When was The Battle of Chickamauga? Who won?
September 1863 Confeds
Who led the Union in Chattanooga?
William Rosecrans
Who led the South in Chattanooga?
Braxton Bragg
When was Battle of Chattanooga?
September-November 1863
What parts of Chattanooga did the Confederates control?
Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge.
What was good about Chattanooga? Benefitted Confederates some how.
it had a a vital railroad center.
What part of Chattanooga did the Union own?
The city
What was the Battle on Lookout Mountain called?
Battle above the clouds
Why did the Union charge Missionary Ridge without orders?
They wanted revenge from Chickamauga
Who wins Chattanooga?
When did the Union attack Lkt. mtn. and miss. ridge?
Nov. 23-25, 1863
What won the war?
The two part plan with Grant in VA and Sherman in Atlanta and march to the sea.
When was Sherman's march to the sea?
November 1864
What did Sherman do in his walk to the sea?
Destroyed factories, bridges, railroads and buildings
When was Lincoln's second inaugural address?
November 1864
Say your part
and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousands years ago, so sitill it must be said, "the judgements of the Lord are true and righteous altogether."
When does Lee decide to surrender?
April 1865
Whose home was the Treaty singed?
Wilmer McLean
When was the Surrender at Appomattox?
April 9, 1865
Where was Lincoln shot?
Ford's Theater
Who shot Lincoln?
John Wikes Booth
When did Lincoln get shot?
APril 14,1865
What day does he die?
April 15, 1865
Who assumes the presidency once Lincoln is shot?
Vice President, Andrew Johnson
Where was Booth hiding and where was he found?
he was found days after the shooting in a NC tobacco barn. Shot and killed.
Who wrote O Captain, My Captain?
Walt Whitman
In one battle how many men died in 30 minutes?
What was the country being re-unified and the south being rebuilt called?
This is called the Reconstruction of the South. 1865 – 1877
What is a Carpetbagger?
some Northerners come to the south to take advantage of poor, free blacks or poor whites. They carry their belongings in luggage made of carpet material. Sometimes they are crooks; often, they are idealists wanting to help.
What was sharecropping?
white farmers now let former slaves work the land for food and housing. The farmers take part of the crops, the blacks take the rest. (In a conflict, who wins?) Sharecropping often produces a system as unfair and unjust as slavery.
What did the south get for electing Rutherford B. Hayes?
In exchange for electing Rutherford B. Hayes, the government withdraws the northern troops from the south, leaving white southerners to solve the problem themselves, and leaving black southerners…all….alone
What was the secret society designed to oppress black Southerners?
Ku Klux Klan
Where was the Ku Klux Klan formed and when?
Formed in 1866 in Pulaski, TN (near Nashville)
What did their white hoods reresent?
the ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers
Who was elected as the Grand Wizard of the clan?
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Was Nathan Bedford Forrest ever "officially the leader"
In later interviews, though, Forrest denied the leadership role and he never had any effective control over the Klan cells.
13th Amendment when and what?
Slavery outlawed. 1865
14th Amendment when and what?
equal protection under the law to all citizens. Black Americans are now citizens. 1868
15th Amendement when and what?
15th Amendment: every citizen has the right to vote. 1870