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Battle of Bull Run/Manasses
in Virginia
U- Irwin McDowell
C- PT Beauregarde + Johnston

confed victory
union attack plan is formed
Battle of Ft Henry.
U- Grant
C- Nathan B Forrest

union gains ft henry/part of Tenn. river
Battle of Ft Donelson
U- Grant
C- Forrest

union gains control of cumberland river
Shiloh / Pittsburgh Landing
U- Grant and Buell
C- Sidney Johnston and PT

bloodiest western battle
more control of miss.
union victory
Battle of New Orleans
Ft Jackson/Ft Phillipine
U- Farragut
C- the forts

grant is marching downwards
union victory
2nd Bull Run/Mannases
C-Lee, Jackson, Johnston Stuart

mcclellan was replaced w pope.
Confed army then begins north invasion.
confed victory
Battle of Antietem
C-Lee, Jackson, Longstreet, Stuart

bloodiest one day battle.
lincoln called it union victory
->emancipation proclamation
U - Burnside
C - Lee, Longstreet, Jackson, Stuart

confed victory
burnside is demoted
U- Hooker
C- Lee, Jackson

Confed victory- pyrrhic- Jackson killed by own men
U- Meade, Beuford, Sickles, Gibbons

C- Lee, Longstreet, Stuart, Ewell, Hill, Pickett

Union sort of won- Lee retreated