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The name for the northern states was.....
the Union
The name for the southern states was....
the Confederacy
The northern president was...
Abraham Lincoln
The president of the southern states was...
Jefferson Davis
The northern uniforms were the color....
The nickname of the northern army was...
The nickname of the southern army was...
The northern army was led by....
General Ulysses S. Grant
The southern army was led by...
General Robert E. Lee
A main reason that the north wanted to go to war was...
they wanted to abolish slavery
The south was in favor of keeping ______ as free labor for the running of their plantations.
The act of owning people and making them work for you for free is called....
Both the north and the south fought for ....
what they believe. Each side thought it was right.
A secret organization of safe homes that sheltered runaway slaves along the road to freedom was called...
the Underground Railroad
The "Angel of the Battlefield" was a woman named....
Clara Barton
A major participant and organizer of the Underground Railroad was...
Harriet Tubman
The person who founded the American Red Cross was...
Clara Barton
An organization in our country that helps victims of wars and disasters is called the...
American Red Cross
The color of the uniform for the Confederate Army was...
The two sides of the civil war are ....
The Union or North and
The Confederacy or South
This person is....
Harriet Tubman, organizer of the Underground Railroad
This person is...
Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy
This person is....
Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross
This person is....
General Ulysses S. Grant, leader of the Union Army
This person is...
Abraham Lincoln, president of the Union
This person is....
General Robert E. Lee, leader of the Confederate Army