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When were new State Constitutional Conventions held?
When did Johnson order confiscated lands under jurisdiction of Freedmen's Bureau be returned to owners who had been pardoned?
August 1865.
When was the Memphis Riot?
May 1-3, 1866.
When did Johnson veto the Reconstruction Act and Congress override him?
March 2, 1867.
When did Congress pass the 14th Amendment?
June 1866.
When did Hayes recall federal troops from SC and LA where they had been protecting Republican Governments?
May 1877.
When did Johnson eloborate his Presidential plan for Reconstruction?
May 1865.
When was the Contested Presidential Election (Hayes vs. Tilden) and gubernatorial elections in SC and Louisiana?
November 1876.
When was Lincoln and assinnated and Johnson take over?
April 14, 1865.
When did Black men in Washington D.C. gain the right to vote over presidential veto?
January 1867.
When was the Thirteenth Amendment ratified?
December 1865.
When did the Republican Party split. Horace Greelely ran as a Liberal Republican receiving endorsement from Democratic Party. Grant wins re-election easily?
November 1872.
When did Congress override Johnson's veto passing the Second Freedmen's Bureau Bill and the Civil Rights Act of 1866?
April 1866.
When was the New Orleans Riot?
July 30, 1866.
When did Congress pass the Thirteenth Amendment?
January 1865.
When did Congress pass the Civil Rights Bill
February 1875 (Signed by Grant March 1)
When did the Southern states write new constitutions and were readmitted under Johnson's plan?
December 1865.
When did the Freedmen's Bureau close?
When was the Freedmen's Bureau Created and established?
March 1865.
When was President Johnson acquitted?
May 1868.
When did Congress pass the Enforcement Acts, targeting the KKK?
When did Republicans achieve 2/3 majority in Congressional Elections?
November 1866.
When was a compromise reached between Democrats and Republicans. Hayes will be President, SC and LA have Democratic Governors and the South is entirely redeemed?
February 1877.
When did the Freedmen's Bureau close all departments except education and pension?
August 1868?
When did Democrats gain a majority in the House of Representatives?
November 1874.
When was the KKK founded in Tennessee?
When was Grant elected President?
November 1868.
When was the 14th Amendment declared ratified?
June 1868.
When did Southern Democrats reject New Departure and fusion and Bourbons come to power?
When did Andrew Johnson fire Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, a violation of the Tenure of Office Act which led to his impeachment?
February 21, 1868.
When was the Hamburg Massacre in South Carolina?
July 1876.
When was the Fifteenth Amendment ratified?
March 1870.