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Name two states in the West where fighting occurred during the Civil War.
Tennessee, kentucky
The capture of which city advanced the Union's goal of dividing the Confederacy in two?
New Orleans
What is a bullet that has a hollow base and expands upon firing to fit grooves in the barrel of a gun?
mini ball
What were warships covered in iron called?
What river held a key position for both the Union and the Confederacy?
M '[ SS-I 5 51PP
Define the term "border states" and tell what city would have been surrounded by the Confederacy if Maryland had succeeded?
State bordered by the Union & ConfederacyIf Maryland had succeeded, Washington DC would have been surrounded
What are conditions and practices that promote health?
What factors contributed to the spread of disease among soldiers?
Poor hygiene
Union forces stopped a Confederate invasion of the North at which battle, the bloodiest one-day battle in American history?
Battle of Antietam, Maryland
What generalization can you make about the performance of each side at this point of the war? Explain
Each thought there was no end in sight. North was doing good in west. South succeeded
Who said this quote: "I can't spare this man-he fights" and who was he talking about?
Lincoln, talking about Ulysses s. Grant
What is the word for soldiers on horseback?
Why did Lee decide to move his troops to the North?
He felt bad for the farmers, forced to talk people
The Civil War began when Southern forces attacked U.S. troops at what place?
Fort Sumpter
Which talented military officer resigned from the U.S. Army and became commanding general of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia?
RDbe r+ E. LEE;
What did the North can its strategy to defeat the South by forming a naval blockade and by capturing the Mississippi River?
Anaconda plan
On what crop did the South's strategy to win foreign support depend?
Cotton, king cotton
Which cautious Union commander failed to capture the Confederate capital of Richmond and was fired by Lincoln as a result?
What type of gun, which has a grooved barrel that gives a bullet spin while in the air, was popular during the Civil War?
Who commanded Union forces at Shiloh, Tennessee, and was criticized after that battle for the high number of casualties suffered by the army?